In the world of payments, one of the most difficult things to earn is customer trust. As a dynamic fintech company, Paytabs knew it would need content marketing to establish its brand and compete with more prominent players in the industry. As a payment gateway business, it wanted to tell its customers that it was the most secure platform and was easy to use. It had to earn customer loyalty and get more website traffic.

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For creating brand awareness, we had to get online visibility. And for that we used two ammunition – a strong SEO to help the brand gain visibility on Google and a brand campaign that hit directly at the target audience.

Our target audience was the SME category who are slowly opening upto ecommerce opportunities and selling globally through online. We wanted to encourage them to make locally but go global with Paytabs. That shaped the first brand campaign. The idea was to help small business owners take their first step towards global business transactions without any worry. This was backed up by a content-rich marketing strategy with well-researched blogs, rich infographics, informative social media posts and animated videos.