Navteq, acquired by Nokia in 2007, was a provider of digital map data for car navigation systems, mobile phones, and other platforms. It’s this that became the powerhouse behind Nokia’s maps. Navteq-Nokia was looking for exciting content that would not only help people with navigation, but also offer value and rich information.

In India, they wanted to build content around the heritage monuments across India, protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. The content would have to capture the locational details along with their architectural, aesthetic, historic, archaeological values.

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What we created

In develop this expansive set of content, we had to not only visit heritage monuments across the country, we had to access knowledge centres that could give us information about these protected heritage places. Based on the travels, interviews and information found, we created short articles on every monument – featuring beautiful mosques, elegant imambaras and tombs, stunning gardens, grand temples and awesome palaces and tombs.

If you ever wanted to criss-cross India wanting to know about the rich cultural legacy left behind by various ruling dynasties of every region but did not found adequate information, this was your tool. The viewer is given the history behind each majestic monument, the significance it holds, and pictures showing the state of each monument.