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As a new entrant into the coworking space, Eccosphere needed two things. Brand awareness and traffic. They wanted to be known as a co-working space that took care of the work, as well as the mind and body. They also wanted to reach out to the community of freelancers, small business owners and entreprenuers to offer them a Zen-designed space that helped them work in the most flexible manner.

They came to us looking for an integrated content marketing agency who could push boundaries and execute content marketing campaigns that would help them fight off stiff competition in Delhi NCR. Most of all, Eccosphere wanted to dominate the space with their unique and informative content.

Looking for an agency that can do something beyond the average? We would love to hear you out.

Our response

The biggest challenges faced by any new business is of two kind – making people aware that it exists, and establish credibility and trust so that customers ultimately buy. For achieving these two targets we used a combination of rich content+ strong local SEO + social media campaigns.

We started with an in-depth research of keywords and competitors. After ensuring that the website architecture lent itself to the SEO best practices, we created and executed an aggressive optimization strategy that would help Eccosphere rank easily for local keywords. Our optimization plan was supported by rich and informative blogs that targeted entreprenuers and freelancers as well as strong social media efforts.

A Timetoswitch# campaign was designed to reach out to people unhappy about their workspaces. Targeting freelancers, small business owners, the creative campaign captured the different spaces that people work in – coffee shops, old cramped work spaces, home etc, – and reminded them that it was time to switch to some place better – a place where they could work better, where they could work in peace and be happy.