Impersonation and fraudulent acts

It has recently come to our notice that our website and company / brand name are being used fraudulently to scam people/freelancers on platforms like social media (Facebook and Instagram), Fiverr, Guru.etc. Please be aware that these scammers (using fake profiles like Florence Miller, Haider Naiem, Liam Williams, Reta, are using Just Word, Just Words, Justword name (with the official logo of our company) to approach people with typing, converting or copying type of work. It has been brought to our notice that they insist on working through a project manager who will operate only through Telegram etc. After completion of work, they also ask people to pay money for opening an employee portal account etc..In this context, Justwords categorically reiterates that it will never use a gmail id to approach freelancers or ask them to work on Telegram or ask for payments for opening any account. For the sake of awareness and security, Justwords again strongly advises freelancers or any other person who are targeted by such frauds, to exercise utmost caution while getting involved in any dealings with such scrupulous and fraudulent websites, mobile applications, Facebook pages, WhatsApp accounts, and any other online/ social media account(s).Here are some red flags that you should immediately notice-

  • The said buyers are not sharing any official id. They are using gmail ids and can also use a distorted form of our official id.
  • They are not sharing their India phone no. (We are located in India)
  • They will ask you to pay money or fees to process certain action. We never ask for any sort of payment before releasing the payments to our associates / freelancers / partners.
  • They will ask you to work through Telegram, or hidden profiles. They will claim to be a publishing company etc.

We wanted to make everyone aware about this scam as some frauds are misusing our strong brand to cheat people. Also please note thatJustwords will not be held liable or responsible for any claims, losses, damages, expenses or other inconveniences resulting from or in any way connected to the actions of these imposters.