Google’s Search Quality Raters: Here is what they say about high-quality pages and content

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Imagine how easy life would be if there was a way to find out what exactly makes Google rank certain websites higher than others! After all, to compete as an online business and taste success, you need to grab Google’s eyeballs as quickly as possible. And ranking high on search results is the best way to do that.

Now, that brings us to Google’s “Search Quality Evaluator” guidelines. First released in 2015, they don’t really reveal the exact way Google’s algorithm functions. However, they do tell you what all things make a webpage high-quality in Google’s eyes.

So, we have decided to make it simple for you with our eBook, where we break down Google’s Search Quality Raters and share tips on how you can put together a top-quality website. Whether you are an individual or a business, our eBook will help you create a website that ranks high on search results, attracts more traffic, generates better leads and drives more conversions.

Here’s What You will Learn from The eBook:

  1. What is the fundamental definition of a high-quality page, as far as Google is concerned
  2. What does high-quality content mean and how the requirements can vary based on the type of business
  3. How much information you should provide on your website for the sake of clarity and customer satisfaction and how this will depend on the type of business
  4. Why positive reputation is necessary and the common ways in which you might end up getting negative repute
  5. How E-A-T (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness) level determines website ranking and how it can vary based on the type of business
  6. Why mobile optimization of your website is essential and tips to go about it and make the user experience better
  7. How you can satisfy your potential customer’s search intent and reduce website bounce rate
  8. Why meeting the needs of those who land on your website is important and how Google measures this aspect

Since complying with Search Quality Evaluator guidelines is the least you can do to make your website high-quality and worthy of high ranking, it’s time to download that eBook.

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