What is Facebook Post Boost and How It Helps Businesses?

Starting 2012, Ads platform was a but complicated for users. But then, they introduced an easy way to sponsor content through Promote Posts. Promote Posts can help you create a Facebook ad campaign without leaving your Facebook page.

Ofcourse, considering that you have the admin rights for that page!

Soon after, in a few years, Promote posts were upgraded to Boost Posts. the new update had all the same functionalities but offered a quicker way to reach the target audience by spending money.

While the organic reach of Facebook has collapsed over the last years, Facebook page owners have moved on to Boost Posts to promote their content for their diverse audience sets.

Many marketers now use boost posts for their easy and accessible options. It is located on the timeline which makes it easy to find and boosting posts a two-click job.

What is Facebook Post Boost?

Boost Post is a button on Facebook that helps businesses reach their targeted audience quickly and simply. All across the borders, millions of people are uploading their pictures, posting updates, sharing stories, and chatting via Facebook, “The Platform”. It makes it easy for businesses to catch more people’s attention in a much shorter span of time.

A Facebook Boost Post is similar to a regular post. By default, people who have liked or followed your page are the only ones who get to see your post updates. Using a post boost option, you will just have to pay a bit to promote your ideas to reach your audience. The users, who cannot get to see your daily posts (because they are not following your page or have liked it) will get notifications of your post through through your audience definition and targeted geographies. The Boost Post button on Facebook is considered to be the fastest medium to present your post before millions of users. In short, Facebook Post Boost primarily focuses on the three things:

  • Widespread Viewers
  • Remarkable Outreach
  • Ease of Usage

The user count is based on only one account. If your post reaches ten people, then it implies ten users have seen your post. It is a very convenient option for smartphone users making the entire process mobile and quick.

The Connection between Business and Facebook

Businesses of today are pretty much inclined to social platforms to achieve their business goals and reach their target audience. With billion of users on Facebook, it makes all the more sense to identify business prospects on the digital landscape based on their interests, behaviors and preferred content consumption patterns.

This is where boost post takes away the cake!

What better to attract people on Facebook if you have the right content (talking about your product or service) ready for them?

A company gets to know about the their potential customers, their response to the content boosted, and to a large extent the geography of business potential.

The business can further retarget them to smoothen their buyer journey from top to bottom of the funnel.

Steps to Complete Facebook Boost Post

  • Create a post with the potential Consideration and Impact
  • Fix your Budget on an Everyday basis
  • Find the Option of “Boost Post” and click

The Potential Targeted Audience

  • Friends
  • Friends of Friends
  • Followers
  • Friends of Followers
  • Users with Similar Interest
  • Past Visitors of Your Website

The Tangible Benefits of Facebook Boost Post

The impact of Facebook Boost Post on Business is mostly affirmative and profitable. On an online platform, if the reach of the business people runs out, they can make use of the Facebook Boost Post option to gain back more audience. The apt use of this social media application can have a lucrative impact on your business. Some of the tangible benefits of Facebook Boost Post are:

  • The attention of a Larger Audience, of whom the majority belongs to the younger generation
  • Application of both B2B and B2C Business Patterns (B2B stands for ‘business to business,’ and B2C stands for ‘business for customers.’ In the former, companies make connections with other companies, and in the latter, companies directly deal with customers.)
  • Presentation of Different Marketing Strategies (In case of a start-up, you can explain your strategies and plans to know the response of probable users)
  • A Transparent Approach to Audience (People may reject your idea if they disagree with your plans)
  • Different Types of Advertisement (You can make the promotion more presentable using different types of advertisements available on Facebook)
  • Involvement of Audience for a Long Time (If the Audience find your ideas to be interesting, they will continue to follow your posts)
  • The Perfect time to Promote Your Idea via Social Media during Covid-19 (The pandemic situation has made the case more convenient for using the social platform as a medium to promote business ideas)

The Measurability of KPIs

KPI stands for “Key Performance Indicator” You can measure the success rate of the promotions and posts on Facebook. In a way, these promotions and sharing of ideas come under experimental activities on social media. However, even there is a chance to fail. Different kind of KPIs work for Facebook Boost Posts:

  • How many fans and followers see the Post?
  • What is the origin of the Followers?
  • Number of Page Viewers
  • Actions of People on Page
  • Selection of Best Post Type
  • What is the average rate of Posts?
  • Performance Rate of Advertisements
  • Cost of Advertisements and Campaigns

Based on the KPIs mentioned above, the Facebook Boost Posts are measured.

We have tried to show you a detailed view concerning Facebook Boost Post. This blog might help you.

Just try this and see the results for yourself. This is one of the most definitive strategies as a business you must deploy to maximize reach and increase your brand awareness.

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