[Video] Why exactly should you do content marketing and how?

Are you a business owner who approaches marketing like a ‘one-night stand’?

As nasty as it sounds, you could actually be doing that with little realization.

Put differently, are you following the approach of shoving your product right at your target customer’s face just when you spot them?

Well, if you’ve done that, you may have already realized, interruption is something that is clearly not going to work. So what does?

One of the most effective strategies out there today is content marketing. As Seth Godin, says “Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left.”

So what is content marketing? 

To explain this in the simplest manner, it’s a way of marketing in which you educate your customers about your products or services and create a value proposition. You just don’t sell our product or service. You sell value, tips or information that helps the customer in some way. This engagement builds trust and when a customer trusts you, he is more likely to buy from you.

But how should you do content marketing? What is the secret sauce for the perfect content marketing campaign?

Doing content marketing and doing it the right way makes all the difference. Content marketing is not just about generating endless blogs on your website and seeding your content with keywords or blindly populating your social channels with content posts. Whether it’s the content created or the content marketed, things have to be done a right way.

For business owners who want to know why should you do content marketing and how here is a short video that explains the basics.

Hit the play button ONLY if you’re seeking answers to the following –

  • What exactly is content marketing?
  • How to decide what content format to use?
  • What are the steps involved to get it right?



Once you have got your strategy right, you will definitely see the traction you want. Please remember this – if you have to court content marketing, make sure you are not looking for overnight stands. You need to nurture and grow this one to see its beauty and power.

Want to know how to get your content marketing started?

Drop us a mail at sales@justwordsdigital.com for a quick consult.

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