Top 7 Video Marketing Practices for Business Success

Video continues to be a dominant player in digital marketing. It’s probably why there has been a 41% rise in the number of businesses using video marketing since 2016. There are some really interesting facts in the State of Video Marketing 2021 report, brought out by Wyzowl. Check this out for instance – people across the globe watch 16 hours of online video per week on average. 

Besides that, by 2022, 82% of the internet traffic worldwide will come from video downloads and streaming videos, as per Cisco. 

Brands realize the power of video marketing and video marketing for small local businesses is gaining traction. The survey by Wyzowl confirms this. According to it, 96% of video marketers plan to maintain or increase their video spends in 2021.

Now the main question: What will ensure success of your video marketing strategy?

Well, that is exactly what we get to in this blog – how you can maximize the impact of your brand if you have a well-thought-out video marketing strategy in place. Here are the best practices to stick to while executing your video marketing campaign.

1. Be Ready With Your Brand Video (cuts)

Digital brand marketers make it a practice to use multiple CTAs, while giving a creative brief. One of the best video marketing tips is to include multiple USPs, emotional connect, the CTA, and how the video content benefits different audience types. Create one brand video and at the same time, plan for varied shorter cuts to cater to different media and audiences. As part of your video marketing strategy, plan for 6-sec bumpers that you may use from a performance marketing perspective. 

Remember to keep your brand logo clearly visible in at least half of the video. As people tend to skip the ad, ensure the brand’s key message comes in the video in its first 5 seconds to ensure a higher brand recall.

Your brand logo should be clearly visible in at least half the video. Decide for the minor tweaks to be made in the video, including the script, before the video goes into production. 

For instance, you may have to sometimes shoot vertically for IGTV and other times horizontally for other media. With a digital CTA that prompts your customers directly to shop, you can possibly track metrics like click-through rates, view completion rates, and conversions.

2. Seed the Idea at the Inception Stage

According to video marketing experts, you have only three seconds in hand, before you lose your audience’s interest in your video content.

If the video graphics and title fail to hook your audience, they won’t take time to leave your video and move to something that interests them. 

Create a listicle video, like on “Top 5 Cool Gadgets” and slip in an Amazon Echo or Kindle to match the context. Your audience will surely love to learn about the trending gadgets, and while doing so, may consider buying your product. This is an cool video marketing tip to generate a higher recall value for your brand. 

3.  Create How-To or Tutorial Videos

Creating an educational video is one of the top video marketing tips. Remember to restrict the length of the mid-of-the-funnel how-to videos to just 10 seconds. This way you can engage your audiences and keep them interested in your products and services. The goal here, of course, is to make them acquainted of your product or service, and not entertain. The more you can make your message precise, while delivering it in a short and sweet way, the more your video tutorials are appreciated and shared. When consumed, how-to videos also create a brand affinity without explicit mention. Besides, demo videos prove to be helpful for your channel sales personnel too. 

4. Create Video Reviews

In video marketing for business, video reviews act as powerful social proof. They help put common customer concerns to rest. You may even use these reviews as content for your social media handles, website, etc. to build awareness and a more real connection with your target audience.

While traversing from the mid-of-the-funnel to the bottom-of-the-funnel, user reviews play a significant role in converting leads into opportunities.

Brands can bring their customers from the awareness stage to the consideration stage when their existing customers do a video review for them and vouch for their products and services. Your customers will give a clear disclosure on the used product or service, but you should do a giveaway in lieu of the review. For instance, a review video on mobile phones’ comparison right before the holiday season can act as a nudge to help those on the fence come into the purchase pipeline.

5. Leverage  Video Influencer Marketing

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 83% of firms use their marketing budget to spend on influencer marketing. Video content marketing by influencers plays a key role in building your brand’s visibility and credibility. Instagram Television (IGTV) counts among the most useful features for influencers today and this will continue to gain much traction.

IGTV videos lend influencers – an opportunity to explain things in detail, triggering longer conversations with their followers.


Besides, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and natural language processing pave the way for new forms of audience interaction. You can thus propel the growth of video influencer marketing. Then, there are advanced tools for video marketing optimization. Not only do these tools make it easy for users to create videos, but also speed up the job of influencers. They can create videos that interest their audiences. 

Interested to learn about influencer marketing? Click here.

6. Try an Unboxing Video

Make unboxing videos an integral part of your video marketing strategy. Unboxing videos really interest your target persona. Though such videos don’t work for all products and services, they work great for newly launched products.

It is the curiosity element to unboxing that makes your prospects watch through the process. Besides, your prospects become sure about your product and want to try it out, as they watch these unboxing videos. Recently, unboxing videos have become a powerful eCommerce marketing tool. Content creators share these videos on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram to reach a larger audience, drive traffic, and strengthen their brand identity. As you open to a wider audience, remember to include your logo at the beginning of the video for immediate brand recognition. Digital marketing agencies are best in providing you with their video marketing services by creating unboxing videos and much more.

7. Do it for the Aisle Shopper

Life of an aisle shopper is never easy. Standing in the supermarket in the shampoo aisle, a shopper is often faced with choosing one shampoo among 20 when all of them  read almost the same list of benefits. If you are a savvy shopper,  you are quick to “Ask Google” for recommendations. This is where you can create and publish a  comparison video of different shampoos and their benefits, especially the one that highlights your product. You thus help your prospect in making the right decision as per their needs.

With consumers now paying full attention to the video, it is imperative for brand marketers to create a video content marketing plan that proves to be helpful for different audiences. How are you using video to create business impact? Share your stories with us.  

Want to know more about how video marketing can be used by your brand? Get in touch with our video marketing expert at sales@justwordsdigital.com

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