Social media content tricks that work without fail


Puzzled about what will work in the social world and how to shape your content marketing strategy, here are seven content trends that never die down.

The world of Social Media. How do you ever get to tame it? How do you know what works there? How do you get to meet your prospective clients,
pitch your services, lay your PR pitch, define your vision and finally generate leads.

While there is no set formula for success on social media, there is one crucial thing you can control – and that is the content that you put out on your channels – content that defines your company, your services, your goals and ideals and your approach to the customer.

And that means a whole lot of precious and engaging social media content writing, going on, on a daily basis. Here are a few trends we found that work on social media. Never mind if you have already started, we would still like to know your opinion.

1. Harvesting Happiness: Using Positivity To Market Content

Users of social media are most likely to share positive, interesting, and unique news, not negative, boring or commonplace ones. Also, the commonest emotions used are those that invoke laughter, awe and curiosity. So, to promote your material on social media, it would be prudent on your part to use pieces of content that loosely follow this framework. This will ensure that your content will be consumed, enjoyed and shared.

2. Reacting Readily: Be There To Respond Fast!

Everybody, every business has access to social media 24X7, thanks to the magical boon of these days – smartphones. So you can, on behalf of your company, instantly react to any moment, any comment, or anything that is relevant and related to your business on social media. Share interesting bits of content, and breaking news, and make your social media stand your platform for exchanging your opinions and views on topics that are relevant to your work. If you desire to talk about special event or such, don’t forget to leverage the power of relevant hashtags!

3. Leveraging Likes: Taking Advantage Of Social Validation

It is human nature to adore approval or adulation. Various studies have found that users of social media are much likely to ‘like’ any comment or post they find already ‘liked’ by others. The best way to accomplish this online is to provide prominently visible ‘share’ buttons, close to all of your social media posts. Also, you can provide numbers and figures about your social media popularity, in a visible way on your homepage. This will prompt new visitors to gravitate towards checking your company out on social media and then liking your page as well.

4. Alluring With Aesthetics: Make Your Content Good Looking And Easy On The Eye

Most social media users scan content and read only bits and pieces from the more aesthetically pleasing part of any page. So it will help you in your social media marketing endeavor to organize your content in such a way that your target audience will be able to scan it easily, and this can be done mainly by providing, in the method of display of content, a clear path for vision in order to elevate the level of engagement on part of your audience.

Bread up chunks of content, using subheads frequently, but then don’t overcrowd it, and use a font that will be comfortable for anybody to read with pleasure.

Bullet point usage is another trick that you could use. All these will go a long way in keeping your audience inquisitive about what is to follow and engage them in what you want to say.

5. Controlling Controversy

This is an interesting tool! Say something that might provoke a certain sense of controversy by invoking opposite natured feelings in the public. Content that talks about controversial subjects, usually garner more interest, more likes, more comments than other content. Just enough disgust, just enough positivity can go a long way.

6. Telling A Tale: Use The Wonder Of Storytelling

Anything is better understood when a story is used to explain any concept. Most of our purchase decisions are founded on drivers in our mind that are plainly emotional, and far removed from the logical. Use this aspect of the human mind to tell a good story, appeal to your audience’s emotions, touch their hearts and move them, so they feel inclined to take an interest in your business. To perfect the procedure on the Internet, use words to describe emotions, and evoke sentiments for characters and situations, make sure the characters you create are realistic and close to the kind of people the story is intended for.

7. Embracing Emotions: Make Them Feel Your Sentiments

Users of social media have the tendency to share content that instigates a feeling of some sort, be it happiness, laughter, disgust or even embarrassment. So make sure that your content, images etc invoke sentiments and emotions.
Other tips to keep in mind:

Most importantly, remember the following three points

a) Try to make your potential target audience feel smart and elegant
b) Make sure to share information or posts about causes and other concerns that are related to the core of your business, and attempt to engage your clientele through campaigns etc.
c) Nothing beats a piece of juicy, succulent, gossip. Use it by all means, when all else fails, but do so in moderation!

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