SEO, SEO, SEO, How do I master art thou?

Heard enough about SEO and want to learn the basics to boost your website’s ranking on Google. Here are three basic ways to kickstart your SEO campaign.

It is the most heard word of web. It has more than 30,0,00,000 results on Google. It can put the bravest of digital marketers in a tight spot. But once you get to know it, you will thank you lucky stars you got to know of it. You must have guessed it by now – we are talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

Even though SEO is darn complicated thing for the common person, who has no understanding of Google algorithms, on page and off page optimization, it’s also true that with a little effort you can understand the basics of search engine optimization and yield the benefits of the process. And may we safely claim here that the benefits are immense if you are planning to generate through the online world.

So here we go, the top 3 SEO basics for you to master:

The assumption game never works with keywords. Hence, the Google Keyword Popularity Tool should be your go-to source in order to understand, which keywords drive the maximum traffic for your genre of For instance, if you are an owner of an organic produce outlet, instead of using “local organic produce” as your keyword, if you use specific keywords, such as “where to buy best local organic produce in Rajouri Garden” or “quality organic Rajouri Garden” or “quality organic produce in West Delhi”, you are much more likely to rank well. Localised keywords work like a charm to boost your SEO reach, giving you the leverage of getting bang-on targeted readers. But the story doesn’t end here!

Always zero-in on one particular keyword for your subject and then pump the same keyword in your first sentence, page description, post permalink, and page title. This would ultimately let the true SEO magic happen, ranking you right at the top for selected few particular search terms.

Google’s search algorithm checks only your title, headers, social endorsements, images and hyperlinks in your post/article/story or content. Mentioned below are top 4 factors that Google search automatically prioritizes:

  1. The amount of links to your post or page.
  2. Popular keyword usage.
  3. The amount of characters in the body copy. The number of Facebook, Twitter and Email shares, likes and comments. Also, do note that shares are worth a lot than likes and comments.
  4. Number of links and hyperlinks present in the post or page.

We suggest you ace the game of hyper-linking by linking back to your own posts, search terms and internal website pages in relation to the topic.

Social media is without a doubt the sexiest buzzword of digital. It can help you get your name out to a wider audience. And when that happens, you increase the overall awareness of your brand. Google search heavily rewards (yes, monetarily heavy too!) blogs that are shared, liked and commented on in healthy numbers. And, if your website/blog is ‘liked’, ‘commented’, ‘shared’, and ‘Re-tweeted’ a lot by social media influencers on a variety of social media pages, then you can be rest assured to feature right at the top of Google rankings.

Many social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vine have high domain authority and ranking potential, which has the power of easily creating multiple listings for a brand. Moreover, social media provides an ideal scenario to draft reputation management campaigns too.

There you have it our list of top 3 SEO tactics, which SEO beginners must get acquainted with to taste the initial fruit of organic reach success, and ultimately widening their reach!

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