Justwords Bags Gold at the India Content Leadership Awards 2023; Gets Recognised as the ‘Top Content Agency in India’

In the digital marketing space, where content reigns supreme, Justwords has once again proved that it is one of the best in the industry. 

In the recently concluded India Content Leadership Awards 2023, Justwords won Gold in “Top Content Agency in India” category. This is the second time in a row that Justwords is winning this award.

“Any award is an honour but this feels special since this one is about content leadership, and also because we are winning it the second time in a row. 13 years ago, we set out to build a company that would help businesses do better business with content and marketing and it feels amazing that today we are living this dream. This recognition not only underscores our dedication to providing top-notch content writing and marketing services to businesses across the globe but also reflects our mastery in content creation and driving growth for brands,”

– said Payel Mukherjee, CEO and founder of Justwords

“As a company, we are constantly evolving to meet new standards of excellence. We also remain committed to our mission of offering outstanding marketing solutions and delivering ‘wow’ by remaining obsessively customer-focused and quality-focused,”


Inkspell Award 2023 - Justwords

The Leadership League award: Another feather in the cap

Presented by India Content Leadership, a renowned platform that honours excellence in content, the award ‘Top Content Agency in India in 2023’ is another addition to Justwords’ already-impressive list of awards and achievements. 

The award ceremony took place in Mumbai on 30 November 2023, bringing leaders and speakers from the digital marketing realm under the same roof, with Justwords being one of the leaders and awardees. 

Justwords earned the ‘2023 Top Content Agency in India’’ under the ‘Overall Content Excellence’ category, with ‘Leadership League – Top Content Agencies – Independent’ as the sub-category. This award recognises the top exemplary professionals, brands/enterprises, and agencies that lead the Indian Industry in content creation/marketing/publishing and distribution with significant impact, influence, uniqueness, and success.


Justwords Dedicates this Award to its Shareholders and its Team

Being a customer-focussed organisation in India, Justwords dedicates this honour to its clients, who span across various industries, and to its team of content marketers, writers, copywriters, editors, and SEO specialists.

“We are extremely grateful to our clients for giving us so many opportunities to excel and learn and innovate. They are our partners in this journey of growth and learning and this achievement couldn’t have been possible without their continuous support and trust in us,” emphasised Amlan Mukherjee, director at Justwords. 

“I want to also dedicate this award to our team. Our brilliance as an agency comes from our team of people who make it a point to not be ordinary. The defining culture of our organisation is to be obsessively focused on quality and that cannot happen without dedication, passion and love for what you do. Justwords is where it is today because of our awesome team,” he added.


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