17 All-Time Great Tips to Use Quora for Marketing Your Business (Updated 2023)

What is Quora marketing or why do you think a question-and-answer site like Quora needs a digital marketer’s attention? For starters, its number of monthly active users is 300 million! And given that the users discuss almost all topics under the sun here, it makes sense for a marketer to establish his domain authority on Quora and connect with the target audience. This unique site allows users to vote an answer as helpful or unhelpful too.

In fact, according to Neil Patel, Quora is perfect for answering customer queries about your business or product, solving their problems and gaining insights from industry leaders.

As long as you don’t lose sight of the chief objective, which is to spread knowledge and not sell, Quora marketing can be a smart move indeed.

But first, let us answer a few relevant questions.


What is Quora?

Quora, often dubbed as the knowledge-sharing hub of the internet, has revolutionized the way people seek information.

Back in the day, sites like Yahoo Answers reigned supreme as the go-to platform for all your burning questions. But as the internet evolved, so did the need for more nuanced, insightful answers.

Quora seized this opportunity and set out to create a space where experts and enthusiasts could share their knowledge. They hit the jackpot!

Today, Quora boasts over 300 million monthly users, a testament to its incredible growth. With Quora, you can address a massive crowd with diverse interests – from beekeeping enthusiasts to rocket scientists.

But here’s the kicker: Quora isn’t just a Q&A platform; it’s a marketing playground. With the relatively high level of engagement, it’s a hunting ground for savvy marketers.

On Quora, engagement rates often surpass those on other social media platforms. Users come to Quora with a genuine thirst for knowledge, which means they’re more likely to interact with valuable content. It’s like having a receptive audience waiting for your insights.

When it comes to marketing, it’s not just about quantity; quality matters too. Quora is a goldmine for high-quality traffic. Research shows that Quora visitors tend to spend more time on websites they access through Quora links, indicating a higher level of interest.

Businesses using Quora for lead generation have reported remarkable success. With a well-structured strategy, you can capture leads from users genuinely interested in your niche, product, or service.


Is Quora Marketing still worth it? Why bother using Quora?

As the digital landscape evolves at a breakneck pace, it’s easy to get swept up in the latest social media trends and strategies.

But in the midst of all the noise, there’s a platform that has quietly maintained its relevance and effectiveness: Quora.

Quora has been around for over a decade, and we all know how things can change quite quickly online. But before you raise an eyebrow and wonder if we’ve lost touch with the times for claiming Quora is still the one of most relevant marketing channels, here’s why we’re probably right.


– An oasis of engagement

For starters, amid the cacophony of trending tweets and viral videos, Quora remains an oasis of thoughtful engagement.

But why? Well, the numbers speak for themselves.

With over 300 million monthly unique visitors, this platform is far from forgotten. In fact, it’s a thriving hub where people actively seek answers, insights, and discussions. Picture a digital town square, bustling with minds hungry for knowledge and expertise.

– A knowledge-hungry audience

Beyond the sheer volume, Quora boasts an audience with an insatiable appetite for information. In a survey conducted by the platform, a staggering 87% of users claimed that they are on the site to “learn about things they didn’t know before.” Now, let that sink in. Imagine an audience that’s primed for discovery, eager to consume the insights you can offer.

– A hub of interaction

But it’s not just about consumption; it’s about interaction. Quora’s engaging format encourages dialogue, enabling users to comment, upvote, and share answers. This dynamic interaction can turn a single answer into a viral sensation overnight. Imagine your carefully crafted insights spreading like wildfire, fueled by the very audience you’re striving to reach.

– A silo of evergreen content

Oh, and did we mention that Quora is a trove of evergreen content? Unlike the fast-paced, blink-and-you-miss-it world of social media, Quora answers have a longer shelf life.

They continue to attract readers, generate engagement, and drive traffic months or even years after they’ve been posted. Think of it as planting seeds that grow into sturdy trees, bearing fruit long after the initial effort.

– Opportunities for cultivating influence

Perhaps the most compelling reason to embrace Quora is the opportunity to position yourself as a bona fide expert. When you consistently provide valuable answers, you’re not just attracting clicks; you’re building credibility.

A well-crafted response can transform you from a mere marketer to a trusted authority. Remember, in the digital realm, trust is the currency that truly matters.

Plus, in a digital age where misinformation can spread like wildfire, Quora shines as a beacon of truth. Users flock to this platform for reliable information straight from those in the know.

When you provide answers grounded in expertise, you’re not just contributing to the conversation; you’re earning trust. In a world where trust is gold, Quora hands you a treasure map.


Let us check out the benefits of Quora Marketing

Now that you’re up to speed on Quora’s relevance for marketers, let’s dive into the treasure trove of benefits it offers for marketing your business.

1. Get in front of 300 million people:

Picture this: 300 million potential eyeballs on your content. That’s more than the population of most countries, right at your virtual doorstep. It’s a marketing goldmine.

2. Get quality referral traffic:

Quora isn’t just about answering questions; it’s a gateway to your website. By providing valuable answers and linking back to your site, you can funnel high-quality referral traffic that’s genuinely interested in what you offer. Quora users aren’t just random click-happy folks. They’re an informed bunch, looking for answers. So, when you drop pearls of wisdom, they’ll follow the breadcrumb trail to your site.

3. Find buyers directly:

Quora is a hunting ground for finding potential customers who are actively seeking solutions – your solutions.

Imagine a platform where users seek advice before making purchase decisions. Quora is precisely that place. Engage with potential customers directly by answering their queries and guiding them towards your products or services.

4. Improve your brand recognition and reputation:

Consistently providing valuable insights establishes your authority in your field. Becoming a Quora authority in your field can significantly boost your brand’s reputation. When people consistently find your valuable insights, they’ll remember your name when it matters most.

5. Staying on top of trends

In the fast-paced digital world, Quora can be your radar for industry trends and hot topics, ensuring you never miss a beat. With questions pouring in from every corner of the world, you’ll spot trends and hot topics faster than a chef flipping pancakes.

Now let us understand how to implement the best of Quora Marketing for your business.


Tips to Ace Quora Marketing

1. Pay attention while creating the profile–

The right profile can take you a long way as far as branding is concerned. That is because when you answer a question, people can see a little part of your bio at the very top (basically, your profile’s first 50 characters). So, mentioning the brand name in the beginning makes sense. Jason M. Lemkin’s profile is a good example.

Jason M Lemkin Quora Profile

You can include relevant links in the detailed bio as well as mention other users. Topic-specific bios are also a great idea for targeting the audience. For instance, while answering content marketing questions, your bio can focus on that expertise of yours, and it can focus on your web designing skills when you are answering such questions.
The first thing to do if you are wondering how to leverage Quora for marketing is to make your profile as complete and informative as possible.Include details on where you studied, where you live, what companies you have worked for, your areas of expertise and interests and social media accounts. It will make you more credible and easy to search.


2. Choose what topics and users you wish to follow –

Not sure how to use Quora even though you have taken the first step by creating a profile? Well, Quora is a platform that not only allows you to share your knowledge but also gain some. And to survive in any competitive industry, that’s what you need. So, to start, use the search box on Quora to figure out the topics you wish to follow. You can also follow industry experts, authors and famous bloggers this way.

Choose Topics And Users To Follow

Make sure you get notifications whenever something new gets posted under your chosen topic or user. Apart from that, your home feed on Quora will show you the latest from the people and topics you follow, every time you log in.

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3. Check out your viewers –

As a marketer, it is important for you to know who all are interested in your answers and how they are landing on these. This will help you understand if you are targeting right and gaining enough exposure.

views on your content

So, just click on #Views, and see which users have viewed your answer how many times. You will get to know if your profile is leading them to the answer or random browsing or tagged topics. For overall assessment, you can go to your personal views page.


4. Answer the right questions –

The best part of Quora is that you can literally answer any question you like, to reach out to the community of users and share your pearls of wisdom. However, adopting a strategy is always recommended, especially if you have a certain long-term goal in mind, like website traffic or conversion.

So, try to pick a topic that resonates well with your brand or business, and something that you know deeply about. Check which threads have received maximum upvotes, as this indicates that they have been viewed a lot. So, if your answer joins that thread, a lot of people might click through to your website. Also, try and answer new questions as early as possible. This way, your answer will show at the top, which means better visibility, more upvotes and greater engagement. This is a Quora marketing strategy that will never grow old.

Answer the right question on Quora

You can also type certain keywords relevant to your industry in the Quora search box and find out the top questions being asked. This will help you shape your content right.

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5. Offer value while answering–

Content creation for Quora should follow this golden rule. The more value you provide through your answers, the more authority you will be able to establish on Quora. So, try and keep the answers short yet informative and include relevant data wherever possible. It is also a good idea to add a link to the source you have consulted, which might be your website, blog, e-book or a whitepaper. This will increase traffic to your site.

offer value time of answer

Make sure you are focused on the question and are not digressing. Your content should ideally have passion and personality, and it should be easy for the reader to remember takeaways.


6. Format and edit answers carefully –

Answers that are irrelevant, not focused, too wordy or poorly written, or not nicely formatted can turn off readers. So, edit well and keep the information clear and language simple. Remember that short paragraphs and using bullets can make your content more readable. You can bold or italicize certain words or phrases to emphasize their importance as well. However, underlining can affect readability negatively.

format and edit quora answer

Also, if you are linking any data or insight to a reliable source, make sure that the sentence can be read naturally. Example – Quora’s user base has a male to female ratio of 57/43.


7. Boost your answer with images –

Visual content sticks to the reader’s brain more than plain text, as studies show. This is why using images to explain your answer is a great Quora marketing strategy.

boost answer with quora images

Remember that the first photo you use appears as a thumbnail next to the text preview, when the answers are being seen in a list form. So, choosing a good one makes sense. It is also a great idea to create exclusive pictures for each of your post, as Oliver Emberton, the founder of Silktide does.


8. Be as social as possible –

It is always a good idea to link your Quora account with social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress. This way, whenever you ask or answer a question, an update will be shared on these platforms automatically. So, those who are following you on social media will be able to view your answer on Quora and connect more with you.

social account connect with quora


9. Repurpose old blog content with Quora –

This tip is useful if you are thinking how Quora helps in content marketing. Maybe you had written a blog post months back, but it didn’t get many views. However, you just spotted a Quora question that is very well-answered by that post of yours. Make use of this opportunity and share the answers from your blog post for the relevant question on Quora. Provide a link too so that the reader can follow it to get detailed information on your blog.

Repurpose Old Blog Content With Quora

You can also repurpose any old content that you have by blogging on Quora. From your profile, you can go to Blogs and get started by customizing the URL, name and description. The posts you create then will be visible on the Quora network and you can share them on social channels too.

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10. Take your Quora statistics seriously

Did you know that Quora lets you see the detailed breakdown of upvotes, views and shares, for the questions you ask, answers you provide, blog posts you create and basically all the content you supply? And you get this analytics advantage for free! So, by studying these data points, you can frame or tweak your marketing strategy for the future.

Take Your Quora Statistics Seriously


11. Watch out for answer collapse –

Remember this tip if you want to reap the benefits of Quora marketing. An answer usually gets collapsed or hidden on Quora when it is downvoted a lot any improvements recommended by the moderator are not implemented, or if you have not verified your account in real-time. So, how to avoid these issues?

Well, to avoid downvotes, make sure your content is well-written, useful and well-researched as much as possible. Check notifications from Quora on a regular basis so that you don’t miss out on suggestions from the moderator. And to verify your account, you can simply link it to other social media platforms.


12. Go for more upvotes and shares

In the world of social validation, upvotes and shares are the digital equivalents of applause and standing ovations. The more of these virtual accolades your content gets, the more it’s seen as a trustworthy source of information.

So, how do you score more of these precious votes? It’s all about quality. Craft answers that are insightful, relevant, and well-researched.

If an answer elicits a nod of approval, an “aha” moment, or even a chuckle, chances are it’ll be upvoted and shared. Also, thoughtful responses can spark discussions, leading to increased visibility and a potential influx of followers.

A nifty trick? Use storytelling. Weave anecdotes or real-life examples into your answers.

Don’t just throw facts and figures at your readers; regale them with the tale of how similar problems they’re facing were conquered by others.

People remember stories – and the storyteller.


13. Ask questions to gather content ideas

Quora’s Q&A format is the perfect breeding ground for insight into what your audience wants. Flip the script and become the one asking the questions.

This not only sparks engagement but also gives you a goldmine of content ideas straight from the horse’s mouth. After all, who knows better than your audience?

By throwing well-crafted queries into the vast Quora ocean, you’re tapping into the collective consciousness of curious minds, uncovering the topics that really tickle their neurons.


14. Leverage Quora Spaces to curate content and build a niche hub

Quora is a bustling marketplace of ideas, where people from all walks of life congregate to share their insights, knowledge, and perspectives. So, why not carve out your own corner in this digital agora?

Enter Quora Spaces.

These Spaces allow you to create your own mini-community around a specific niche or topic. It’s like hosting a virtual gathering of like-minded individuals who are eager to devour the expertise you bring to the table.

But why go through the trouble when you already have a blog or a social media page?

Well, think of it as a digital getaway, a place where your target audience can immerse themselves in discussions tailored to their interests. By curating content, answering questions, and engaging with users, you’re not just building a brand presence – you’re establishing a thriving community that sees you as the go-to authority.


15. Network with Influencers

Ah, influencers – the modern-day wizards who can sprinkle their digital fairy dust and make your product or service go viral.

But building bridges with influencers can sometimes feel like approaching a guarded castle, armed with only a smile. Quora changes that game.

You can reach out to influencers by offering them something valuable. No, I don’t mean sending them golden pens.

For instance, you can engage with their answers. Don’t just stop at a simple “Great answer!” Add value by offering to help them refine their content.

Imagine a tech guru posting about the latest trends in artificial intelligence. You, being the AI whiz you are, spot a typo in their answer. Instead of pointing it out bluntly, you offer your suggestion with grace. You’re not just networking; you’re contributing to their success.


16. Use A/B Testing

While you can’t exactly run split tests on answers, you can experiment with different approaches.

Craft answers with varying tones, structures, and levels of detail. Then, closely monitor their performance. Which ones get more upvotes, shares, and comments?

Over time, patterns will emerge, revealing what resonates most with your audience.

A/B testing on Quora isn’t just about finding the best answer; it’s about understanding the nuanced preferences of your audience.


17. Do not forget to optimize for search

Quora isn’t just a playground for people; it’s a realm of search engines too. Quora answers often make their way to the top of search engine results pages.

Picture this: someone’s got a query, they tap a few keys, and voila! Your answer pops up like a treasure chest amidst the digital desert. That’s the power of search optimization on Quora.

When someone asks a question, they’re not just expecting an answer; they’re hoping for the *right* answer. And how do they find this elusive answer? Through search. So, what’s your mission? To make your answers search-friendly. Use keywords naturally, without turning your prose into a robot’s monologue.

Use relevant keywords, embrace concise clarity, and structure your answers like a well-organized library.

Craft compelling titles that not only capture the essence of your response but also align with common search queries.

Your answers could be the guiding light that leads curious souls to your expertise.

When your content aligns with what searchers are seeking, you’re the lighthouse guiding them through the internet fog.




So, are you now ready to take an informed plunge into the world of Quora marketing? Keep the above tips handy and you can also consult a Quora marketing agency. Always remember that Quora is a powerful platform that lets you promote your brand and products creatively and also cater to customers by answering their questions. So, be genuine, avoid sarcasm and jokes, and be focused.


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