Justwords FAQ – How does content creation work at a content marketing agency

We decided to create a series of Justwords FAQs since we felt this would answer a lot of common queries we usually receive from clients. Hope this helps.


Question: What is the content creation process at a content marketing agency.


Answer: A lot of this depends on the type of project that has to be delivered, the industry that we are writing for and the platform for which the content has to be written. For example, the way we would approach social media content writing would be vastly different from the way we would probably do a research piece or say an ebook. Also the type of article that will get written for a B2C company will be different from a B2B brand. But despite these differences in categories, there are a few elements that are common to all content writing processes. Here is a simplified version of the process that we follow. Take a look at our approach:


1.Objectives and target audience

Understanding the client’s objectives and target audience is our next move. You might want to enhance your brand’s awareness, get more traffic to your website, get more clicks, boost sales or simply engage with customers through informative content. Once we understand your goal, it becomes easy for us to start thinking how the content should be developed. It is also important for us to know who your target audience is, so that we can write content that addresses them specifically. We believe that content without a purpose is unsuccessful.


2. Content calendar

Next, we create a content calendar for clients. This covers probable article topics, keywords that should be ideally used, and publishing dates and so on. A lot of research goes into preparing this calendar to come up with what’s best for you.


3. Understanding the subject

Since we write on a variety of topics and industries on a daily basis, it is essential for us to understand the subject well. That is the only way to create original and useful content. So, we either discuss with clients about the topic or request them to suggest subject matter experts who can help us.


4. Right writer

Not all writers are suited for all topics or subjects, and we realize that. So, we make sure that your content is written by someone who is best at it.

  • Google-friendly content – When we start writing, we keep in mind that we are writing for the audience you want to focus on. Unlike what many people might think, Google values content that is informative for actual people and not written for search engines. We make sure that the content is useful, well-written, interesting and very original.
  • Keywords – While using keywords, we ensure that they are relevant and used naturally in the content. Keywords are not forced into lines where they don’t make sense, or the articles are never stuffed with too many keywords.
  • Images and videos – If the client wishes, we can also weave in high-quality images or videos into the content to make it more attractive.
  • Stringent review – After the content is written, it is subjected to stringent quality checking and proofreading. We make sure nothing goes to the client without the editorial team’s approval. The content is then sent to the client for approval. If there are changes to be incorporated, the editor in charge of the project gets it done. In short, we never leave a client unhappy. We believe that our thorough review process is what helps us delight our clients.
  • Publishing – Finally, when you are happy with the content, you can publish it on any platform you want to.

We hope this has provided more clarity into the content creation process. If you have further questions about content writing services or anything else, please drop us a mail at sales@justwordsdigital.com


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