[Infographics] 11 SEO copywriting tricks you must understand if you want your content to work

Are you looking for ways to write powerful, targeted content that can convert readers into customers? Content plays a crucial role in educating prospects about your products and moving them along their journey from becoming visitors to leads to customers to brand advocates. Being able to write such content can be an extremely beneficial tool for your business.

Such ‘saleable’ content is not just restricted to your website. It extends to your blog, marketing campaigns, emails, social media content and even the instant messaging medium. But when it comes to online content, there is an extra x factor that makes content work – SEO content writing. Content that is not only optimized for readers but also search engines allows you to gain visibility among the millions of blogs written everyday.

Search Engine Optimized content isn’t what it used to be a few years back where you threw in a few keywords in between original content and things were set. Over the years, our experience has helped us craft content that resonates with its target audience and also gets picked up by search engines. These techniques can be used when you write a new blog from scratch. You can also use these techniques to modify existing content and convert it into an optimized piece, giving it a new lease of life.

In this infographic, you’ll get to see 13 actionable tricks that’ll make your content go from ‘ordinary’ to fantastic in terms of generating traffic, engagement and even conversions. Find out answers to pressing questions. Know if keyword density still matters. Know how you can write content that’ll help gain trust from readers and search engines. Find out how Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) can affect your Google rank and what’s the secret sauce for choosing the right SEO keywords for your content.

All this and much more in our infographic below.

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