How small organizations can join the video marketing craze?


We’ve generally seen startups and SMEs all thrilled when it comes to digital marketing as it offers quick and tangible results. But a lot of them shy away when we suggest video marketing. The term invokes a budget, production, and execution worry which stops most people from exploring it as an option. Believe us, we are here to change that.

Video marketing is not complicated and need not be expensive if you have a clear vision. The benefits of using it are exponential without a doubt. The very fact that YouTube has more than 1B users and is experiencing a 50% YoY increase in the number of hours people watch videos is a big indicator that you need to communicate to your customers in their preferred medium of consumption.

If you haven’t tried video marketing yet or started off really small and want to expand, here are some of the things you can try.

Types of videos

Introductory videos
It is hard to understand the superpower booster of a vacuum cleaner when you just say it in words or show pictures. You need a video that can do justice to the product you are selling. Similarly, if you are offering a service that helps people rent houses but also demonstrate that you do it better than all the other people in the market, doing a video can be much better than pages filled with text and pictures.

There are many such examples where an introductory product video is simply necessary. And you never know, the first video may just be the last one you need. Take Chat Books for example.



The popular introductory video which was an instant hit with mothers currently has over 16M views catapulted the product subscriptions too.
Another video that we simply cannot miss mentioning here is the introductory video for Dollar shave club. The video that left its audience in splits also gave the company the visibility it needed to get customers to try it out.





While the above videos work well, they also involve a budget with actor and production costs. If you don’t want to start off with a big bang, you can go for quick animation explainer video that can make your complex product proposition look simple.

Animation videos mostly have your customer as the protagonist, first shown facing the problem. Then comes your brand to save the world (among other things) making your customer super happy.
Check out the Mint videos here which is a classic example of an animation introduction video.



You can also see the Spotify video here, which is well made one that is quick and easy to understand. Besides the call to action is so clear that it makes you instantly want to try the product out.



There are many freelancers and startups who can make animation videos for as low as INR 3000 / min. So, you see, it isn’t expensive at all to get started. All you need a great idea and script to get started.

UGC videos

In a day and age where everyone with a smartphone can be a video marketer, you can potentially have hundreds of brand ambassadors talk about your brand. UGC videos are really the new word of mouth campaigns where all need to do is delight your customers and give them the ability to express it.

Customers are keen to talk about their experience with your product or service if you delight them. Many even do it without you asking. They review your products or share an experience with your service just like that. The important thing is to then ensure you find them, appreciate their efforts and celebrate them as a hero by sharing their content.

If you don’t have customers doing it on their own, just create an ask. Once you do, wait for all the content that comes in and stitch it together for the world to see. Take some of the videos here.

The Coca-cola campaign is especially a great example of the potential of such videos.



Closer to home, you can see HolidayIQ holidayiq.com do a great job of catching reviews as videos with a smart app that detects where you are before you can do the destination review.



Testimonials that are in the form of text generally have very less credibility. Anyone can write

“I totally flipped over when I used xyz’s Microwave oven.”. – John Doe

Instead, have a customer speak about it adds a lot more credibility. Customers aren’t staged actors so the connect with fellow customers is very real. More importantly, these videos don’t cost an arm and leg.



Just be nice with “thoughtful thank yous” (which means a nice product hamper could be well received).
Influencer videos


We all like customers, but we also tend to be attracted towards the better-looking customers who happen to be liked by 20,000 other people. Influencer videos can also be created on the barter system in some cases involving actual payment. But the reach for these videos automatically tends to give the visibility velocity which is much needed.

The final impact of an influencer video is debatable, though. A lot of so-called influencers are in the business of collecting goodies and shortchanging brands with no real marketing impact to show. The most important consideration here is that you are clear on your end goal with such videos and can show measurable outcomes.
Insider videos
You can sum up a bunch of brand showcase videos in this category which is again fairly low on production costs. These can be employee videos, culture videos and behind the scene videos. Just to elaborate, culture videos showcase a slice of how you do business. It can be about your company’s bent towards social activities or the amazing time your employees are having and raving about.

Another type of insider videos is ‘expert videos’ where senior and preferably well-known people from the company share industry content or helpful content for your customers. Moz’s Whiteboard Fridays anchored by Rand Fishkin is a classic example where you use videos to build authority for the brand as a whole.



Hacks to make video marketing budget friendly

Ready-made videos
Don’t have the necessary expertise to drive the video making process and need it real quick?



Try a plug and play option where you have pre-made videos that can be used for your brand with slight modifications. https://www.animationvideo.co/pre-made-videos/ Try the samples here.

Stock videos


From Videoblocks to ShutterStock, there are plenty of sites offering ready videos that can be used as is. To use these, you need a strong storyboard ready so that you can visualize how it will all come together finally.


Free editing software


If you have an in-house design team, you could try out free video editing software like these that can allow you to start creating video assets without a lot of investment. It is a great way to try out how your audience is reacting to video content.


The ASSet management requirement
There are three key things to remember when making videos assets – they need to be Authentic Searchable and Shareable. It is an art to not only create videos that resonate with your customers but also market it well so that it can contribute to your business goals. This involves optimizing the video for search and ensuing it has the right links to connect it with a campaign outcome. It also means you have the right tie-ups in place to give your video the push it needs.

Looking for help to get world-class video content along with a great marketing strategy?

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