Google Places For Business: A Listing You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

It’s a mad, mad world, which becomes crazier if you are in competition with billions of businesses, craving for the attention of customers. This is the era of regular updates, smart work and customary brand building and interaction. Today, hundreds of millions of people all over the world use Google Search, Mobile, Google + and Maps to discover a local business that can meet their requirements and provide quality products or service in the places they are headed.


Google Places For Business: The Center Of Gravity For Local Search

The local sphere is definitely smaller, and though, your enterprise might face a lot of competition, you certainly have a much better chance of connecting with prospects than if you fight for the top position on a global level.

Long story short: Listing your business on Google places isn’t an option; rather, it SHOULD BE a priority for any small and medium enterprise if it wants to take advantage of online presence.

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“Want your listing done with a 360 degree virtual tour of your business click here.”



Reasons To Verify Your Business For Google Places

Verifying your listing gives you an opportunity to share more information about your brand, products and services on Google. Once you have verified the local listing for your company, you get the opportunity to enhance it by adding coupons, videos, photos and any other real-time update.

The Benefits

  • Enhance the possibility of ranking on the top of Google for your local business
  • Constant update or edit your listing without any technical expertise
  • Extremely practical and simple to manage
  • Get premium options such as photos, all for FREE
  • Start with a simple sign up and verify your business
  • Free advertising


Google Places And Google+ Local: What’s Cooking?

Any business listing in Google Places for Business Dashboard that has been upgraded to social functionality is directly tied up to that social presence. Dan Pritchett, who plays a major role in dashboard development at Google said –

“To be clear, with the new dashboard the G+ page and the listing are tightly associated. Every G+ Local page is backed by a listing and once you get a G+ Local page, your places listing is tied to it. Removing one always removes the other.”


Final Thoughts

Creating a presence on Google Places for business allows you to reach maximum prospects without costing anything. Is your business getting enough customer attention? Are you using Google Places or Google + Local? Have anything that you would like to share regarding local search and Google Places for Business? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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