[Free Case Study] Alliance Fintech – How we used content marketing to spike traffic by 149%

We often have clients asking us what a particular digital or content campaign can actually do for them?

Linking a digital marketing activity to goals, execution and then matching the results with a tangible outcome is something we’ve been doing consistently. This digital map has often been created using the client’s long-term vision in mind – on what they want to gain from marketing overall and where digital fits in.

In the following case study, you’ll see how we mapped our client’s goal of ‘brand awareness’ into a digital strategy. Words like these often get thrown into the marketing mix without anything tangible attached to it. It translates into ‘views’ for Facebook posts or sometimes even ‘reach’. But do these benefit the client in the end?

We had to dig deep to set out metrics that mattered beyond these superficial words. It came down to how many people actually became aware enough of our client’s brand to search for them and their products and services.

This is the power of digital laid out for you – it can build a brand and connect the ROI dots right before your eyes. In the duration of a year, we skyrocketed our client’s brand awareness by 149%. Belonging to the highly competitive finance sector, it took multiple strategies and channels to achieve this goal. But in the end, we had a happy client and a story to tell. This case study shares the learnings from the campaign and how you can use similar strategies via your own SEO and Social media campaigns. You are just a click away. Get the case study now!


Alliance Fintech Case Study – How we used content marketing to spike traffic by 149% from Justwords Consultants

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