Different Ways Your Business Can Use Videos to its Advantage


A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, then what do you think about videos?

Videos are clearly far more captivating and engaging than static graphics and textual content can ever get. They are an ideal means to garner attention, yield clicks and score leads for your business. It’s no surprise that the use of videos as a preferred content format has been growing dramatically over the last few years.

Are you aware of the fact that by 2019, global consumer video traffic is expected to account for 80% of global consumer Internet traffic?

Think about it, with the strong technical infrastructure, fuelled with access to cheap high-speed data and mass penetration of smartphones, videos can really be a game changer for your marketing pursuits.

If you’re considering including videos in your marketing arsenal, you must think no further. Here are some interesting ways your business can use videos to its advantage.

Explainer Videos

With the marketplace flooded with products and services, battling for attention is getting harder by the day. In this kind of an ad-aversion mindset, it’s tough to grab a potential customer’s attention.
It is well established as well as intuitive that presenting content in the motion format is far more successful grabbing eyeballs quickly as compared to static content. In only a few minutes, videos can, in an interesting and fun way, explain what your offering is about and more importantly how it can benefit your target users.

Explainer videos can be embedded on your website or even shared on a social media platform. It might interest you to know that Facebook as a single social platform generates 8 million video views a day. (Source: Social Media Today)

Live Videos

Social media channels have a very interesting feature called live videos. Live videos lend a human face to the content, making them instantly more reliable and far more impactful than man-made animations. . They come with a comment feature with the live streaming that facilitates real-time interaction with the target audiences, making the nurturing process in your marketing funnel far more refined.

Moreover, since live videos are a fairly new content format, social media algorithms, especially on Facebook, prioritize them on the feed as compared to other post formats. Statistics outline that the view time for a live video is usually 3 times higher than a prerecorded one.

An ideal strategy to deploy when using live videos is to ensure consistency. In other words, maintain a disciplined frequency through a planned period.


While blogging is undoubtedly a great inbound marketing strategy, vlogging is turning out to be an extremely powerful successor. A vlog essentially refers to a video blog, often containing a mix of embedded videos with supporting text and images. vlogging comes with a unique advantage over blogs as it lends a sensory-rich experience to the viewers. Traditional textual content cannot replicate this advantage, no matter what level of quality it possesses. vlogs help to establish a strong personal brand, which impacts awareness and eventually spills over with contributing positively to the bottom line.

Email Marketing

The email list is well known to be every marketer’s treasure trove. While you execute your email marketing, an interesting way to spice it up and stand out from the hundred other emails from your competitors is by embedding videos in the email signature. These videos could typically exhibit your personality as an individual or reflect your company culture. In just a few minutes, they’re sure to entertain your prospects and strengthen goodwill for your company.

Video Testimonials

Social proof is extremely powerful in building trust. While text and image-based testimonials are common because they’re easier to make, video testimonials can be way more effective in influencing the decision of potential buyers. A good way to get your loyal clients to document their recommendation in videos is by offering an incentive. This could also help to strengthen your relationship with them.

Attention Grabbing GIFs


GIFS can be another interesting means to inject personality and amplify your branding efforts. While the use of too many of them can be inappropriate, their right use can be very successful in instantly grabbing eyeballs and drawing attention to your call to actions. GIFs are fairly simple to create and can be embedded in presentations, social media posts and even in emails.

Try out these spins in the modern usage of video content and experience a spike in your customer engagement levels.

Have you used videos in any other way? If yes, let us know in the comments below.

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