6 top myths that might be harming your SEO strategy

SEO is one field where changes have been constant. That’s because Google changes its algorithm from time to time – sometimes even several times in a year – to fetch the most relevant results for queries submitted. This only means that the techniques that worked well a few years ago, won’t get you the same results today.

So if you want results, you/your SEO team needs to adapt and learn. And therein, lies the confusion. Many marketers do not really know what works in SEO and what doesn’t. And then there are the myths that refuse to die even though they have been debunked several times. These SEO myths have taken a life of their own and keep confusing business owners on what works and what doesn’t. It also leads people to take decisions of stopping investment in SEO.

As Phil Frost, the American entrepreneur says, “Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.”

To make SEO actually work for you, here are 6 things to do:

  1. Understand that SEO surely works if your website complies with Google’s algorithm.
  2. Don’t invest in SEO just one-time. You have to work on it constantly to keep up with changing search algorithms and to update content regularly.
  3. Search engines take link-building pretty seriously while ranking your site. So don’t ignore it.
  4. Rather than stuffing keywords in a bad content, use the White Hat technique to incorporate keywords in good content.
  5. Having a secure site or https site is essential for SEO and high ranking.
  6. Extra website pages can rank you high only if the content is good and relevant.

So, watch this video to trash the SEO myths you believed in till now, and reframe your SEO strategy for that competitive edge!

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