[Video] 6 things that will help you hire the best content agency

In an ideal world, being a client would be the easiest job on earth. Put together a brief, see the agency work their magic, get back beautiful reports that make you look good and imagine yourself sipping Margarita on the beach.
Since the world isn’t this imaginary utopia, clients, as you may know, are burdened with much more tasks and outcomes. Picking the right content writing company from about a million (OK, exaggerating. Let us say, a few too many) available out there is the first and most crucial task in meeting outcomes for the business. You’ll see many companies change agencies every year with the same old story playing like a broken record. Lapse in deadlines and losing the creative spark being the most common reasons.

Then there are others with whom agencies have stayed for decades, so much so that they know the brand’s growth and transition as much as the founders. They can recollect the brand guidelines in their sleep and don’t need an extensive brief for every campaign. Most importantly, they ‘get you’. They know you and they know your customers.

They deliver consistently. They have an entourage ready to help you through a crisis. Basically, they have your back.
How on earth do you find such an agency, you ask?

They are here – around you, like diamonds hidden in plain sight. But to find them, you will need start by measuring them up against a few criteria.

Here are six things you need to find out the right partner for your brand

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