10 Super Creative Instagram Accounts that Are Really Kicking It

Be it a brand like Old Spice or Haldiram’s, or a celebrity like Priyanka Chopra or Cristiano Ronaldo, everything (and everyone) is on Instagram these days. And, why not? With about a billion active monthly users to boast of, Instagram is the perfect social media channel for businesses and people to connect with the target audience, inspire them to follow and buy, and tell others.

But which are the ones that are really kicking it out there on Insta? Which are the grams which are a must-follow? Which are the accounts which really publish amazing content?

We know how everyone loves a quick list and so we spent some time researching and putting out this list of 10 super-creative Instagram accounts that are really inspiring.


This should also get you loads of ideas for your own (or your brand’s) Instagram page. So, let’s get going.


1. Personal Care: Old Spice




Known globally for its amazing range of men’s grooming products, Old Spice has upped its Instagram game by using humor, environment, diversity and retro vibes for engagement and promotion. They have managed to loop in celebrities like Kevin Hart recently to take their strategy up a notch. This post on how their Sweat Defense keeps men as dry as the desert has caught attention with the great visual and creative text.


2. Food: Haldiram’s




A giant in the Indian sweets and snacks industry, Haldiram’swas founded in 1937, but it has kept up with the times brilliantly. Its Instagram account is progressive, witty, colorful and yummy too. This post for instance says how your gender shouldn’t dictate the work you do. You will also come across enticing images of roadside snacks like paanipuri, packaged nuts with a pistachio saying “Crack me up” and even the funny use of mathematical symbols like the pi.


3. Travel Photography: Navaneeth Unnikrishnan




For those who are bitten by the travel bug, Navaneeth Unnikrishnan’s Instagram account will brighten up your mood instantly. From the tropical lushness of Malaysia and Borneo to the chilly landscapes of Iceland to the spiritual beauty of Spiti Valley, Navaneeth has travelled far and wide and captured stunning images that inspire you to hit the road. Beautiful historical places, open roads, stark winters, marine life and even automotives are the subjects of his photographic pursuit. The above post, captured in Italy, celebrates the glory of sunrises.


4. Sports: Cristiano Ronaldo




Unless you have been living under a rock, there is no way you have missed this world-famous Portuguese footballer’s shots, his Golden Ball wins (5 times), his dedication towards fitness and his good looks of course! And he is a winner when it comes to Instagram too, with 227 million followers and inspiring images from his workout sessions and matches. His social media activities proclaim his love for his family and beautiful places too. The above post is a clever branding in partnership with CLEAR hair care brand, as Ronaldo emphasizes how a “clear head” is necessary to make a strong comeback.


5. Nature / Wildlife:  stevewinterphoto




If you start looking at nature or wildlife accounts, many thoughts will cross your mind -the endless transcendence of nature, the beauty of life in all forms, and the people who have the privilege of photographing the same. There is simply too much beauty in the moment out there to pick favorites. Even then, our pick for wildlife photography goes to @stevewinterphoto who is a conservation photojournalist. Steve’s photos are not just about the imagery but about his experience and sheer love for the art. He has been chased by rhinos, stalked by Jaguars, trapped in quicksand and survived at freezing temperatures – all to get that shot he really wanted. And he actually cares about nature and its creatures, spreading awareness about unkind practices, as this post reveals.


6. Celebrity:  Priyanka Chopra




Beauty with brains, PeeCee has not only made it big in Bollywood, but has also shattered any glass ceiling that was ever there in Hollywood. Be it her movies, her songs, her Padma Shri win, or her marriage to Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra has always been in the news! Her funky and stylish Instagram account speaks volumes about her passions, loved ones, confidence, progressive views, and whatever she endorses. The above post is a citrusy and refreshing one that not only promotes her partnership with Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer, but also her love for everything healthy.


7. NGO / Cause: Wildlife SOS




This non-profit organization enjoys presence in USA and UK too, besides India, and is popularly known for bringing the cruel practice of “dancing bears” to an end. While rehabilitating such bears was their initial objective, today, they have extended a helping hand to many other animals in distress. Their Instagram account is flooded with heartening pictures of elephants, tigers, monkeys, crocodiles and common and rare birds, to inspire thoughtfulness and kindness. Their recent Father’s Day post featuring a caregiver with a baby monkey has beautifully highlighted the pure and selfless connection between the two.


8. Fashion: House of Masaba




Instagram is the perfect platform for fashion brands and bloggers to flaunt their creations, ideas and exclusivity. And House of Masabaunderstands that really well. This Indian label is the brainchild of Masaba Gupta, and thanks to her Caribbean connection, she has done a wonderful job of featuring quirky prints, bold hues and trendy designs on her account. From ethnic and contemporary to fusion, this Instagram account brims with life and innovation. A video depicting the perfect COVID-ready combo of a chic shirt and matching mask has already created a buzz online.


9. Shopping: Sugarbox_india




As a social media platform, Instagram is a shopper’s delight indeed. That’s because you can buy what you see. If it catches your eye for good, you can get it for a price. With close to 99k followers, @Sugarbox_india will send you a box full of beauty goodies every month and you will be pleasantly surprisedafter opening it too. You can get your hands on everything from fashion accessories, mugs and sippers to cute pouches, transparent umbrellas and more. And yes, life can be all about rainbows, unicorns and sweet treats, if you use this pretty umbrella.


10. Art: avant.arte




Just like food feeds our body, art feeds our soul. And if you are looking for artworks that overcome everything ordinary, this is the Instagram account to check out. You will find everything from surreal paintings and pop shows to large public installations and digital art on the @avant.arte account. The medium can range from watercolors and pastels to acrylic, oil, hot wax, tempera and so on. By connecting its account with its store,the brand makes it easy to shop for what you relate with. Their range will wow collectors for sure.


Wrapping Up


By now, any doubt you might have had about the effectiveness of Instagramming must have disappeared. It’s among the best platforms to subtly spread your brand’s message, awareness, attract more traffic, build long-term relationships and encourage purchases.

Wondering how to take your Instagram creativity one notch higher or how to get a better social media strategy in place, connect with our social media marketing experts for a free consult.


What’s Next?


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