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    long and short form content writing
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 18 04 2024
    Why Are Short-Form Content and Long-Form Content Both Important?

    What is Short-form Content? As the name implies, short-form content refers to all types of brief content that can be digested quickly. Many content marketers generally consider it to be any content that is less than 1000 to 1200 words. However, that categorization isn’t generally true. Instead, short form content...

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    Content Distribution platforms
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 05 04 2024
    The Best Content Distribution Platforms to Maximize Engagement (Updated 2024)

    When you create useful, actionable, unique content, everyone deserves to see it. But how will you get your work seen by most of the audience? This is where content distribution platforms play an important role. So, let’s take a closer look at what these platforms are and how can they...

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    seo friendly url
    Posted by Bhuwan Kocchar | 01 04 2024
    11 Best Practices for SEO-friendly URL Structures in 2024

    Is a URL only an address to a webpage? Or is there more to it? The truth is that URL structures matters for SEO - for UX (user experience ) and ranking. This post is your ultimate guide. It covers eleven best practices for SEO-friendly URL Structures. Let's dive in....

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    Google’s broad core update march 2024
    Posted by Bhawna Verma | 22 03 2024
    Google’s Broad Core March 2024 Updates – A Complete Guide

    Change is a constant in the digital world. Google’s broad Core March 2024 algorithm enhancements and spam policy updates is just another proof of that. Did your website rankings nose-dive following these updates? Or are you concerned about potential ranking losses?   Partner with us and let our team support you...

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    Competitor Keyword Research
    Posted by Ved Prakash | 15 03 2024
    How to Find Keywords That Your Competitors are Ranking For? (Updated 2024)

    As the old saying goes, keep your friends close and your foes closer. Competitor keyword analysis can be your shortcut to dominating the game in your niche. Your competitors can help you find a treasure trove of high-quality keywords to improve your site’s SEO and ramp up your traffic and...

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    Predictive Marketing
    Posted by Aditi Agarwal | 08 03 2024
    What is Predictive Marketing?

    It is impossible to know the exact outcome of a marketing campaign before you run it. However, you can come close with predictive marketing. But what exactly is predictive marketing? Let's find out. Definition of predictive marketing Predictive marketing is the development of marketing strategies based on data and data...

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    content marketing agency
    Posted by Sneha Pillai | 28 02 2024
    Is Content Marketing going to be dead? Err, No! But these 8 things are absolutely critical

    Is content marketing going to be dead? Well, I have been hearing this question time and again and hence thought we should dedicate a post to answer this question. My answer is – NO content marketing is not going to be dead, this year or even in the near future....

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    Content Marketing Agencies
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 10 02 2024
    Best Content Marketing Agencies in India: Top 15 choices (updated)

    Great content marketing agencies understand two things – how to create exquisite content (and I mean content that really delivers value or helps a business grow), and how to market that content in a way that attracts traffic and leads to a business. But here is the thing – really...

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    Best article writing agencies
    Posted by Nikita Gupta | 27 01 2024
    Top Article Writing Agencies in 2024 to Fuel Your Success

    Good content and good content teams are hard to find. That is a conclusion that we have come to after running our content marketing agency for more than 13 years now. During this time, we have produced content and built inbound marketing engines for hundreds of brands. While doing so,...

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    Content writing Tips or Beginners
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 20 01 2024
    Content Writing Tips For Beginners (Updated 2023)

    The world wide web has democratized the writing of content, especially due to short byte entertaining video content being the chosen form of expression. Even then, the written content is still a realm that is open to the chosen few who are willing to write copious copies for people and...

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    Middle of the funnel content marketing - Justwords
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 13 01 2024
    Decoding Middle of the Funnel Content & 6 Strategies for Higher Conversion

    The middle of the funnel, which is the middle phase of the marketing funnel, is where customers are lost and won. This is the stage where your prospects are already interacting with your brand and also considering other options. Can you convince him to move down the funnel and into...

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    MSME Award 2023 winners - Justwords
    Posted by Bhawna Verma | 05 01 2024
    Justwords Takes Away Indian MSME Women Entrepreneur 2023 by The Economic Times

    Justwords won the prestigious Indian MSME Women Entrepreneur Award at the ET MSME Awards 2023-24, held recently in New Delhi. The ET MSME Awards hailed as one of the premium business awards of India, honour the achievements of the micro, small and medium enterprises, which are known to be the...

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    SEO Content writing
    Posted by Nikita Gupta | 20 12 2023
    10 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO

    “68% of online experiences begin with a search engine”  (source) When it comes to SEO, content is still king. You can’t just go about stuffing keywords in your pages and hope for your content to rank on the top of search results. Your content determines the success of your SEO...

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    India Content Leadership Awards
    Posted by Bhawna Verma | 06 12 2023
    Justwords Bags Gold at the India Content Leadership Awards 2023; Gets Recognised as the ‘Top Content Agency in India’

    In the digital marketing space, where content reigns supreme, Justwords has once again proved that it is one of the best in the industry.  In the recently concluded India Content Leadership Awards 2023, Justwords won Gold in “Top Content Agency in India” category. This is the second time in a...

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    Google Core Update November 2023
    Posted by Ved Prakash | 05 12 2023
    Understanding Google’s Latest November 2023 Core Update and its Key Takeaways

    It’s finally done. The latest round of Google’s core update, which hit us at the start of November 2023, finished. The latest update has caught many SEOs and marketers by surprise, mostly because no one expected another core update to hit so quickly. The last broad core update was in...

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    Promote Content
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 12 10 2023
    15 Ways to Promote Your Content After It’s Published (Updated 2024)

    The internet is a crowded place. While your content might be amazing, without content promotion, it would be just another piece of content waiting to be discovered. Most companies fail at content marketing because they think once the content is published or posted on social media channels, they now just...

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    How to write a Case Study
    Posted by Nikita Gupta | 25 09 2023
    How to Write a Powerful Case Study: Useful Tips from Our Case Study Writing Team

    "The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing." – Tom Fishburne Imagine a scenario when you want to buy something that you need, maybe a product or a service, and you have just started your research online. While you browse online, looking for a solution to your problem, you are stuck...

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    Top of the Funnel Content - Justwords
    Posted by Justwords Team | 21 09 2023
    Top-of-the-Funnel Content and Why does it Matter so Much for Your Business?

    Content marketing is about creating brand awareness, creating authority in the mind of the customer, building trust, and finally getting him to make a purchase. It is organic marketing. There is no push here. Only pull. If that pull has to happen, you need to be offering something that will...

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    Quora Marketing updated
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 13 09 2023
    17 All-Time Great Tips to Use Quora for Marketing Your Business (Updated 2023)

    What is Quora marketing or why do you think a question-and-answer site like Quora needs a digital marketer’s attention? For starters, its number of monthly active users is 300 million! And given that the users discuss almost all topics under the sun here, it makes sense for a marketer to...

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    topical authority
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 22 08 2023
    How to Build Topical Authority and Why it is so Important for Ranking Your Content?

    Have you noticed how some websites that have much lower domain rating often rank on Page one against big powerful players for a certain topic. How is that possible? Enter “topical Authority”. In the world of SEO, if there is one concept that is gaining traction every year, it is...

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    Backlink Strategy
    Posted by Ved Prakash | 31 07 2023
    How to Get High Quality Backlinks: 8 Strategies That Work in 2023

    A young startup recently came to us thoroughly confused and exasperated by SEO. They had begun to think of SEO as this black box where things are constantly shifting and they just never quite knew how to get it right. There were so many elements to SEO — content, keywords,...

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    Vital Business Lessons
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 10 07 2023
    13 Vital Business Lessons We Learnt as Justwords Turns a Teen

    When you turn from an employee to an entrepreneur, you have no idea what you are in for. Running a business is nothing short of a battle. I can say this from my 13 years of running Justwords. You might have read books on it, heard lectures of how to...

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    Best Content Examples
    Posted by Justwords Team | 10 07 2023
    Best Content Examples of 2023

    Running out of ideas for highly engaging digital marketing or SEO content? You're in good company. We have the jumper cables to deliver just the right amount of shock needed to get your creative juices flowing again. We've scoured the web to look for the most outstanding content examples of...

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    Local Landing Page Guide
    Posted by Ved Prakash | 07 04 2023
    Local Landing Page Guide: What is it and how to create one for more local business

    One of the important changes in buying behaviour post pandemic is that most customers want to shop locally. Several data points to that. In one survey, which was run across a group of 4000 customers across Germany, US, UK, France, 82% of respondents said they would like to shop locally,...

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    Can the Yandex Leak Help You Rank?
    Posted by Ved Prakash | 17 03 2023
    Can the Yandex Leak Help You Rank?  

    If Yandex was unfamiliar to you before January 27th, 2023, you are most likely aware of it now. Yandex is the fourth most widely used search engine globally, used by around 1% of searchers.  A data breach occurred recently, resulting in the exposure of a section of Yandex's source code....

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    boost interior design business online
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 10 02 2023
    How To Market Your Interior Design Business Online? Here Are 18 Strategies

    My cousin Reema has been running her interior design firm for almost 8 years now. She has relied mostly on her client’s word-of-mouth to get around all these years and somehow magically managed to do pretty well through just that. Though, I have been persuading her to go online for...

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    how to write good content
    Posted by Sneha Pillai | 03 02 2023
    Trick to Write Good Content: Keep in Mind The 3 ‘Ws’ of Effective Writing

    A friend, after several failed attempts at clearing the IELTS, asked me, “What’s the big deal about saying ‘a garden’ instead of ‘the garden’? My honest answer would have been the difference between clearing and not clearing the IELTS. However, I brought out my suave self and explained the difference....

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    What is content
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 17 12 2022
    What is Content: Definitions, Types, and How Can It Help Your Brand ?

    In the online world, both corporate and consumer communications need content to be effective and stay relevant. Through content, individuals discover, take in, and engage with brand information. Content, which is frequently the experience itself, directs consumers to brand experiences. By providing practical information that tells a story in a...

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    News Paper
    Posted by Karan Kothari | 08 12 2022
    What is Visual Content Marketing & Its Importance (2023 Updated)

    One brutal fact of the online world is this – A first impression is often the last impression. If your website looks dowdy and boring, you have lost your guy there itself, and most likely he isn’t coming back too. And there in enters “The Visuals”. If you want to...

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    What is People Also Search For
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 11 11 2022
    What is ‘People Also Search For’ and How to Better your SEO Game with It ?

    What is ‘People Also Search For’ and how to better your SEO game with it People Also Search For (PASF) is designed to enrich the searcher’s experience, but it also provides site owners with lots of potentials to generate high-quality search traffic. From keyword insights to trending topics and competitor...

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    Content writing examples banner
    Posted by Sajeeli Gupta | 20 09 2022
    15 Content Writing Examples, When to Use Each, and Agency Content Writing Tips

    Content writing is NOT easy. It isn’t a part-time job you do for “extra pocket money”. There’s more to content writing than just… plain writing. It’s about connecting with the reader emotionally by understanding their pain points and delivering a solution. A writer has to be patient, considerate, and well-versed...

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    content marketing for small business
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 10 09 2022
    Content Marketing for a Small Business: What, How, and Best Practices

    Running a small business is challenging. You are constantly fighting to keep your revenue ship floating. You are also constantly challenged by Time, Resources and Budget. This means, in order to survive, a small business needs to be visible to its target audience, needs build trust regarding its service and...

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    Digital marketing news and update
    Posted by Prince Kumar Singh | 30 08 2022
    Latest Digital Marketing News and Updates That Every Marketer Should be Aware of [Till Aug 2022]

    Digital Marketing is an ever evolving field. There is an update happening every month and you, that is if you are a digital marketer, need to stay abreast of all the latest news about digital marketing. This will help every marketer, be it SEOs, or social media marketers, or content...

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    Content Writing Agencies in India
    Posted by Sajeeli Gupta | 09 08 2022
    Top 15 Content Writing Agencies in India

    If you are looking for the top content writing agencies in India, well you have arrived at the right place. However, we need to be clear about one thing – it’s practically impossible to arrive at the conclusion that this or that agency is the best content writing companies. We...

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    content writing tool
    Posted by Nishant Jayant | 28 07 2022
    List of Top Content Writing Tools in 2023 that are free

    “Tools Maketh the Man” If you've heard a variation of the above aphorism, then you may already understand the importance of tools that simplify life. As writers, getting up to the keyboard daily can be difficult. Especially when we are working to meet that dreaded word count. However, using the...

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    Content marketing and SEO
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 19 07 2022
    Why Content Marketing and SEO Needs to Work Together to Achieve the Best ROI?

    One of the biggest misconceptions that most people have even today is that content marketing is same as content writing. And SEO – well why do we even need that when we want only content marketing? A big part of our first sales call with our clients (who have come...

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    writing skills
    Posted by Monica Rodrigues | 26 05 2022
    14 Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

    Remember those days when the thought of writing essays for school exams made you sweat? Well, back then, you probably didn’t have a great grip on grammar, or you were too worried about connecting your thoughts with words. You probably kept thinking, “How can I improve my English writing skills?”....

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    Content marketing trends
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 23 05 2022
    15 Content Marketing Trends that are Working in 2022 and will Stay On

    Each year brings new trends and a lot is written about content marketing trends as the year begins. Same for 2022. The best marketers are those who improve their content marketing strategy by being aware of the content marketing trends, exploring them and then adapting to what works for their...

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    Justwords Ranked India Best Content Marketing Agency Clutch
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 30 03 2022
    Justwords Named India’s Best Content Marketing Agency – Clutch Leaders Awards 2022

    At Justwords, we are happy to say that we have been a part of India’s digital transformation journey for the last 11 years. As one of the oldest and most trusted content marketing companies in India, we have helped thousands of businesses across the world achieve brand awareness, better ROI,...

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    search intent
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 09 03 2022
    Optimise your Content for Search Intent and Get Better Rankings

    You must already know this – if you have to rank on Google’s first page, you need to invest in a good SEO campaign and build your content as per the SEO back practices. A successful SEO campaign will help your website/content rank for the keywords that matter to your...

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    Valentine’s Day Gift
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 12 02 2022
    18 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns that We Love

    It is that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day is that special occasion which calls for an extravagant display of passion and romance! And brands are cashing in on that vibe too with their Valentine's Day Campaigns. This is one of the best opportunities for them to create a...

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    Valentine’s Day Ideas
    Posted by Shankar Sen | 11 02 2022
    Valentine’s Day Ideas: How to Capitalize on the Fastest Growing Retail Holiday

    While Valentine’s Day might have originated in the United States (which spent a whopping $19.6 billion last year to celebrate this day), India is not far behind. According to the most recent survey, more than 75% of the respondents were going to buy gifts for their partners on Valentine’s Day....

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    b2b sales funnel
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 29 01 2022
    Easy Way to Understand The B2B Sales Funnel & How to Build One for More Sales

    Here is something that should be pointed out right at the outset - the B2B Sales Funnel is and will always remain an important area for marketers and sales folks, something that both sides will continuously try and improve. Despite very loud claims of the sales funnel of b2b being...

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    content marketing needs to become a business priority
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 12 11 2021
    Why Content Marketing Needs to Be a Priority for Your Business?

    Content marketing has emerged as the new normal in the digital marketing landscape. It is one of the strongest digital marketing solutions being embraced by businesses to earn traffic, connect to its audience and generate ROI. Why so? Well, no one basically likes being sold a product or service in...

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    Main steps of video production
    Posted by Shankar Sen | 18 10 2021
    The 3 Main Steps of Video Production: A Short Guide

    If you go by the video marketing statistics, and you will find that 99% of marketers intend to continue with video content in their advertising campaigns. That's because videos help their brands reach greater heights of success. In fact, 84% of people tend to purchase a product or service after...

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    content marketing strategy guide
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 31 08 2021
    How to Create Content Marketing Strategy for Web: Use these 8 Main Steps

    If you are a business that wants to create high value content and then market it to appear on search engine rankings, earn traffic and leads, then the first thing you need is a solid content strategy in place. Without a content strategy in place, content marketing is not going...

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    Content marketing Quotes
    Posted by Malvika Shah | 26 07 2021
    70+ List of Game-Changing Content Marketing Quotes for Some Inspiration

    All of us faced a situation where we have sunk into a creative slump or start questioning whether at all content can be done better? And that is understandable since no one said content marketing was easy. Well, what’s the way out of that dry spell that you are experiencing?...

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    Types of content marketing
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 07 07 2021
    The ABC of Content Marketing

    Is your business surviving completely on outbound leads? Are you struggling to find high-quality and consistent inbound leads for your business? Are you spending $$$ on advertisements, but the results still seem bleak? If the answer to any one of the questions is yes, you need to create a robust...

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    Using LinkedIn to Connect with Prospects
    Posted by Shankar Sen | 30 06 2021
    Using LinkedIn to Connect with Prospects – A Guide

    LinkedIn is to B2B businesses what chocolate factory is to kids - a gold mine. With over 740 million members and 55 million registered companies, if you are not using LinkedIn to connect with your prospective customers, you are helping your competitors become more successful - which is a kind...

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    Blog Commenting Strategy
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 26 06 2021
    Does Blog Commenting Supercharge Your SEO Strategy? It Absolutely Does!

    Once upon a time, not too long ago, blog commenting for SEO had completely disappeared as a strategy. The only comments you could see were the spam ones selling stuff. Now, was it due to Google’s policy of nofollow links or laziness on the bloggers’ part? I am really not...

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    How to Promote Your Blog
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 23 06 2021
    Are You Using These 21 Proven Hacks To Promote Your Blog and Get Traffic Faster?

    Have you ever wondered why some bloggers are so successful in what they do while some others struggle to get recognition? Do you have a blog of your own, and although you are creating great content, hardly anyone reads it?  Even though you spend time and energy to upgrade your...

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    11th anniversary justwords
    Posted by Shankar Sen | 12 06 2021
    Justwords Turns 11: Questions for Our CEO as We Celebrate Our 11th Anniversary

    Justwords begun its life as a content agency in 2010, in the bedroom of its founder, Payel Mukherjee. What began as a very very tiny business, with one full-time employee and a couple of part-timers, has today grown up into a full-fledged content-driven digital marketing agency, renowned for excellence.  This...

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    video marketing tips
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 07 06 2021
    Top 7 Video Marketing Practices for Business Success

    Video continues to be a dominant player in digital marketing. It’s probably why there has been a 41% rise in the number of businesses using video marketing since 2016. There are some really interesting facts in the State of Video Marketing 2021 report, brought out by Wyzowl. Check this out...

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    Google My Business for Leads
    Posted by Shankar Sen | 01 06 2021
    Google My Business: Why Do I Need It and How to Use It for More Leads?

    Here is an honest confession. About 80% of the times that I do buy/decide to buy something online (or offline), I make my discovery on Google or get influenced by the search results that it throws up. I am talking mostly about local search – for eg, that is how...

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    Everything About Content Audit
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 19 05 2021
    Everything About Content Audit in 2021 – What, Why, How & When?

    Do you remember the last time you performed a content audit? Nope? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Most businesses are so focused on creating new, unique content that they forget about the existing one. And the result? Website reek of outdated, stale content that affects the SEO ranking. So, how...

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    fix keyword cannibalization issues
    Posted by Justwords Team | 08 05 2021
    How to Identify and Fix Keyword Cannibalization Issues?

    Introduction  Are you losing organic traffic and conversions despite being an early mover with your SEO strategy? Is your SEO ranking plunging? Have your service offering pages lost their traffic streams? If yes, then you would surely want to know what is causing this. Exactly why are you losing traffic...

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    Social Media Marketing Proposal
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 01 05 2021
    How to Create an Impressive Social Media Marketing Proposal [Free Template]

    When it comes to winning a client, there are no shortcuts. There! We said it. It requires a lot of dedication and work. And while looking for a specific type of client, you need to work around your way to collaborate with them on all the steps and move the...

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    What is Evergreen Content
    Posted by Monica Rodrigues | 28 04 2021
    What is Evergreen Content? And Why You Must Invest into It?

    Are you looking for consistent, regular, and sustainable traffic over time? The answer is Evergreen Content. But how can you make that happen? Let’s learn all about this content type to deliver more traffic to your website. What is Evergreen Content? Evergreen content is the content that never fades away...

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    free stock photos websites
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 24 04 2021
    20 Go-To Websites for Beautiful, High Res & Free Stock Images

    Think about the time you clicked on a blog piece or a social media post just because the pictures were beautiful, or kept scrolling down the content because the visuals were good or scanned watched the video because of a good thumbnail or read the whole story through in infographic...

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    Social Media Style Guide
    Posted by Shankar Sen | 21 04 2021
    Social Media Style Guide – What is It and How to Create One?

    Take a good look at the tweets/posts below….what’s special about them? They are funny, sassy, cool and get your attention in seconds! From Taco Bell to NASA, social media channels are crucial for every kind of brand to establish its unique image and voice, build fan following, engage followers and...

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    Checklist for On-Page SEO
    Posted by Monica Rodrigues | 17 04 2021
    A Complete Checklist for On-Page SEO

    As long as there are search engines, businesses will be interested in achieving the top ranks and growing their traffic. It has been the case for the last many years, and the trend doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon. Although there have been many twists, turns, ups, and downs...

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    Best marketing content
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 14 04 2021
    40 Awesome Brand Taglines that Will Stick to Your Brain for Good!

    Remember the first time you heard the tagline of MasterCard – “There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard”? It made so much sense every time you heard it. It had that right touch of meaning, emotion and wittiness about it that all great taglines...

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    Off-Page SEO Tricks
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 10 04 2021
    Off-Page SEO Tricks – Steal Your Competitors Backlinks

    Are you tired of competitors outranking you? Do you want to steal their ranking, traffic, and backlinks? Good. Because that’s exactly what I am planning to share with you today. Google has finally accepted that content and backlinks are the most crucial part of its search results algorithm. This means,...

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    FB Post Boost
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 03 04 2021
    What is Facebook Post Boost and How It Helps Businesses?

    Starting 2012, Ads platform was a but complicated for users. But then, they introduced an easy way to sponsor content through Promote Posts. Promote Posts can help you create a Facebook ad campaign without leaving your Facebook page. Ofcourse, considering that you have the admin rights for that page! Soon...

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    Complete List of Best Free SEO Tools
    Posted by Justwords Team | 27 03 2021
    Complete List of Best Free SEO Tools for Your Website

    SEO has been a digital marketing buzzword for quite some time now. And unless you have been living under a rock, you know why you need SEO to rank high on search engine results pages and attract more organic (free) traffic to your website. But, maybe you think that to...

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    Social Media Pages of E-commerce Brands
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 24 03 2021
    14 Ecommerce Brands with Amazing Social Media Pages You Cannot Ignore

    There are quite a few reasons why both big and not-so-big brands are vying for their customers’ attention on social media platforms these days. For one, more than half of the people inhabiting this planet use social media. Secondly, 87% of online shoppers rely on social media to arrive at...

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    Local SEO
    Posted by Justwords Team | 17 03 2021
    Local SEO in 2021 – A Complete Guide for the Beginners

    SEO and digital marketing are like the heart and soul of branding. Without one, another finds it difficult to survive. And that’s the reason why digital marketing experts ask you to pay special attention to the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website. However, is simply optimising a website for...

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    website content
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 13 03 2021
    How to Check Quality of Website Content?

    If you have just built a website or have had one for a while, you must have received comments about the content and its presentation on the site... from colleagues, co-workers and customers. Often, these views are subjective, so you face a dilemma of not knowing which of these views...

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    Best Content Marketing Formats
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 10 03 2021
    A Guide to Choosing from 12 Different Content Marketing Formats in 2023

    What Seth Godin said about content marketing in 2018 is slowly and surely turning out to be true in 2020. According to him, this is the only form of marketing that will hold water today and tomorrow. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more than 69% B2B marketers...

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    Posted by Monica Rodrigues | 06 03 2021
    Answers to 9 Frequently Asked Questions About Google My Business Posts

    If you are a local business, you probably know how helpful it can be to have a Google My Business profile. It not only lets you create a listing for your business (you can include business description, working hours, address, reviews etc.) and reinforce your online presence on Search and...

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    5 ways to measure website core web vitals
    Posted by Justwords Team | 03 03 2021
    5 Easy Ways to Measure Your Website’s Core Web Vitals

    Since announcing Core Web Vitals update rollout in May 2021, Google is making it easier for website owners to identify & measure its parameters to optimize their web pages' experience. Now that search result rankings will be majorly impacted by the user’s experience, the three metrics to measure Core Web...

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    Google Core Web Vitals May 2021-Update
    Posted by Justwords Team | 27 02 2021
    Keeping up with the Google’s Core Web Vitals Update – May 2021

    In May 2020, Google announced that page experience signals will be included in Google search rankings. Google in November 2020 confirmed that Core Web Vitals will become a page ranking signal along with the existing UX-related search signals from May 2021. https://twitter.com/googlesearchc/status/1326192937164705797?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1326192937164705797%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fjustwordsdigital.com%2Finfra%2Fwp-admin%2Fpost-new.php This means that overall user experience of the...

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    about buyer journey stages
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 24 02 2021
    What is the Buyer Journey Today, and How to Incorporate Content into it?

    If you are a marketer, sales professional, an entrepreneur or even a marketing student, you must have heard a lot about the buyer’s journey. We are all told to know our customer’s journey. That journey is important simply because it helps you understand the way a customer is getting attracted...

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    15 free content syndication platforms that do not affect seo
    Posted by Justwords Team | 17 02 2021
    15 Free Content Syndication Platforms That Do Not Affect Your SEO

    If you are reading this blog, you are most likely researching about the merits and demerits of content syndication. Because some say it affects your SEO. To be honest, marketers often confuse between content distribution & content syndication. You will find a ton of blogs advocating syndication whereas many who...

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    Advanced SEO Techniques
    Posted by Justwords Team | 13 02 2021
    Top 10 Advanced SEO Techniques for 2021

    Advanced SEO simply is any set of techniques that requires expert technical SEO knowledge. There comes a time when basic on page and off page optimizations have already been bringing in steady results. And at this point, regular SEO requires a thrust. Advanced SEO techniques devised by experts after years...

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    Brand Community with Facebook Group Marketing
    Posted by Monica Rodrigues | 03 02 2021
    Grow Your Brand Community with Facebook Group Marketing

    Facebook has over 1.62 billion active users daily. Among those, nearly 400 million people are members of different groups. These stats speak for themselves. And tells you how much you can gain by including Facebook Group marketing along with maintaining the business pages on this social media platform. However, not...

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    Skyscraper Technique to Build Backlinks
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 23 01 2021
    Use Skyscraper Technique to Build High DA Backlinks to Your Content

    Ever you heard about the Skyscraper technique? It is a link building technique that SEO experts swear by for gaining success. Do you wanna try it too? If yes, then here’s all you should know about it. In 2015, Brain Dean of Backlinko revealed a link-building strategy that got him...

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    Consistent Blog Traffic Using Long Tail Keywords
    Posted by Monica Rodrigues | 20 01 2021
    How to Drive Consistent Blog Traffic Using Long Tail Keywords? Explained

    Are you looking for an edge in this hyper competitive world of content and digital marketing? Then long tail keyword is your answer. It is a direct ticket to rank higher and drive regular traffic to your website. That being said, I am still surprised that people do not use...

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    Keyword Research Using Google Keyword Planner
    Posted by Shankar Sen | 16 01 2021
    How to Do Effective Keyword Research Using Google Keyword Planner?

    You might have come across articles, blogs, and  SEO experts saying ‘how great Google Keyword Planner tool is’. Now, you have heard it several times, and you can recognise what it can do, but what’s next? Can you use this keyword research tool? Are you familiar with it? That’s exactly...

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    Link Building Strategies
    Posted by Shankar Sen | 09 01 2021
    Aggressive Link Building Strategies: How to Get Backlinks QUICK!

    We all know, more links are equal to higher rankings. But link building isn’t an easy task. It is very difficult. In fact, most people struggle to even bind a few links to their website. Sounds like you? Then you have landed at the right place. I am not going...

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    Find Low-Hanging Content Ideas
    Posted by Monica Rodrigues | 30 12 2020
    How to Find Low-Hanging Content Ideas from All Over the Web?

    Compelling content is the cornerstone of all modern marketing strategies. In fact, more than 50% of businesses prefer investing time, money, and energy in content marketing. This makes clear how important a role content plays in this digital world. But how to generate ideas to publish content every other day?...

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    Searcher Intent
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 26 12 2020
    What is “Searcher Intent” and How to Match It?

    Keywords are the building blocks of any digital marketing and SEO strategy. After all, it is the best way to bring in a wider audience to your website. But are just finding good and high-ranking keywords enough? No, there’s more to it than finding popular keywords. You also need to...

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    Answers to FAQs content marketing agency
    Posted by Monica Rodrigues | 23 12 2020
    Answers to 26 FAQs We Get as a Content Marketing Agency

    Being successful at content marketing can be tricky for even the best and biggest brands. As it is nothing like traditional marketing, results don’t show up overnight. So, while most forward-thinking businesses know that content marketing will be their go-to strategy in the years to come, they usually have quite...

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    Chances to Rank in Google
    Posted by Monica Rodrigues | 16 12 2020
    How to Determine your Chances to Rank in Google?

    Top SEO ranking is the end goal of any business. After all, that’s why we go through so many team meetings and digital marketing strategies. But as said hundreds of times, there is no secret formula to rank first on the search engine page. But that doesn’t mean, there’s no...

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    SEO Audit
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 12 12 2020
    SEO Audit: Complete Process Guide with Samples and List of Free Tools

    An SEO audit is no joke. In fact, it is an essential part of successful digital branding. Unlike the traditional audit, a search engine optimisation audit is done solely keeping marketing purpose at the centre. But how exactly one can carry out an SEO audit? Let’s learn more about the...

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    High-Converting Facebook Ads
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 09 12 2020
    How to Create High-Converting Facebook Ads?

    In this information age, Facebook is perhaps the most preferred social media platform for digital advertisers. It has has more than two billion monthly active users across the globe which makes it an easy choice for advertisers. But the question is how can one use Facebook for advertising? It’s for...

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    Off-Page Link Building
    Posted by Shankar Sen | 05 12 2020
    How to Leverage Wikipedia for Off-Page Link Building?

    The SEO world is constantly evolving. That’s why you need to brush up on your knowledge in this field every few weeks. But one thing that has remained constant in the SEO world is ‘the influence of backlinks’. It has been one of the greatest influencing factors that determine your...

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    SEO faq
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 28 11 2020
    Everything About SEO – Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are new to digital marketing or planning to improve your search engine rankings, you may be having many questions. I have collaborated some of the most common questions asked and categorized them to cover the entire SEO section (or at least have tried to). So, without any further...

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    Website Migration SEO Checklist
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 21 11 2020
    Website Migration SEO Checklist: How to Prevent Organic Traffic Losses

    If someone asks me to describe the website migration process, the first thing that comes to my mind is – tedious, challenging, and complex process. And if something goes wrong, then a scary process too. So, to help you out, I have created this SEO migration checklist that you can...

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    Content Marketing vs. Digital Marketing
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 18 11 2020
    Content Marketing vs. Digital Marketing – What Are the Differences and Which One to Choose?

    This year has been a rollercoaster ride for most brands and businesses. 2020 has taught many of us new concepts like being in quarantine, working remotely, and most importantly, marketing digitally. Although digital marketing has been the heart of branding for some years now, most businesses have started becoming aware...

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    Small Business SEO
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 14 11 2020
    How to Find Right Service Provider for Your Small Business SEO?

    SEO is constantly evolving. And you need to match its pace to achieve your goal of ranking high on the first page of search results. This is only possible when you review, renew, and implement the strategies, and not settle for the same old ones. And that’s where an in-house...

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    Grammar Mistakes
    Posted by Shankar Sen | 04 11 2020
    It’s Time to Steer Clear of These 8 Awkward Grammar Mistakes

    There is a reason why your English teacher at school used to stress so much on getting the grammar in an essay or even a sentence right. Grammar mistakes can spoil a reader’s experience in seconds, even if the content is interesting and highly informative. And no matter how careful...

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    Tips to Write Product Descriptions
    Posted by Monica Rodrigues | 31 10 2020
    7 Tips to Write Product Descriptions That Convert Potential Customers

    Let’s assume that you have an expert team working on your social media and digital marketing strategies. You are also getting traffic to your website and pages. However, the traffic isn’t converting into sales. Why is that? It might be because you are unable to keep your visitors hooked with...

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    Content Marketing Plan
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 24 10 2020
    The Art of Creating a Content Marketing Plan in Just a Week

    Content Is King – this was the title of an article that Bill Gates wrote in 1996. And what he advocated back then continues to be absolutely true in 2020 as well. However, just developing content will get you nowhere. You also need to have a content marketing plan handy....

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    grammar tips for content writers
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 17 10 2020
    (Free Cheatsheet) 12 Grammar Tips for Content Writers who Pursue Perfection

    Getting grammar right is one of the absolute essentials when you decide to take up content writing as a career. Oops…did a crooked red line appear under “rghit”? Luckily, Microsoft Word caught it. Still, let’s not correct it right now. We need “rghit” to show you why grammar or spelling...

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    user generated content on Instagram
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 07 10 2020
    The Power of User Generated Content on Instagram and How to Use It Effectively

    What is UGC? If you are a social media marketer who likes to be on top of the latest trends at all times, you have surely heard of user generated content. Such content is a powerful marketing tool to boost user engagement on social media and influence purchase decisions (in...

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    best Food blog ideas
    Posted by Shankar Sen | 03 10 2020
    12 Tips to Help you Whip up the Perfect Food Blog!

    Are your sinful desserts the talk of the whole town? Or maybe your guests gush about the magic you do with veggies? Or maybe your friends are amazed by how easily you can sniff out every ingredient from a dish! Well, if you are planning to start a food blog,...

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    Why invest in content marketing and how
    Posted by Monica Rodrigues | 30 09 2020
    Infographics: Why Should You Invest in Content Marketing and How?

    Do you know why Seth Godin says that “Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left”? That’s because pushing your products into people’s faces doesn’t work anymore, to get a sale. Customers today are smarter than ever before and they know exactly what they want and why. And that is...

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    principles of blog design
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 23 09 2020
    Want Conversions? Learn the 7 Most Effective Principles of Blog Design

    There is a reason why most humans judge a book by their cover. According to research, most humans are hired wired to like things that are aesthetically pleasing. In short, we do give importance to how a person looks. How is this related to blogs?  Read this.  In 2011, researchers...

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    create a case study for lead
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 16 09 2020
    How to Write a Case Study to Convince and Convert Prospective Customers ?

    As a content marketing agency, we often get these questions from our clients – “How do we actually get customers?”, “How do we convince customers that we are the best?” “How can we show clients that we are better than our competitors?” To be honest, no matter what your industry...

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    boost Competition With Exhaustive Content
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 22 08 2020
    How to Rank Ahead of your Competition with Exhaustive Content?

    Every day, businesses publish articles, blogs, videos and podcasts to connect with their target audience, but don't get the expected customer traction. That is because they often end up producing lackluster content that goes unnoticed. For instance, we have always wondered why our competitors ranked higher, even if the quality...

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    Steps to Create a Content Calendar
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 19 08 2020
    10 Steps to Create a Content Calendar and Boost Your Marketing Strategy

    Isn’t it surprising that 63 percent of businesses lack a documented strategy when it comes to creating online content? No wonder their efforts to capture the target markets fail to reach the full potential. This is where the most crucial element of content marketing – content calendar—comes into the picture....

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    hiring content marketing agency
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 14 08 2020
    8 Agency Secrets for Hiring the Best Content Agency

    If you have not been living under the rock, you definitely know that content is one of the key things you need to drive your marketing process. Be it SEO, be it social, be it content marketing, you need content. Information-rich, engaging and well-written content is your best bet to...

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    content marketing
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 10 08 2020
    Infographics: Failing at Content Marketing? 7 Things You Need to Fix

    After spending a decade in the field of content marketing services, we can say one thing for sure – only a few businesses can make this form of marketing work for them. Others fail. Naturally, many complain about how content marketing is not really worth it and the money spent...

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    Blogging Is Holy Grail of Content Marketing- justwords
    Posted by Krishnaleena Sarkar | 29 07 2020
    4 Proven Reasons Why Blogging Is The Holy Grail of Content Marketing

    First things first. Why is blogging important for brands? Whether you’re a B2B or B2C marketer, you’ll need to include content marketing services as an integral part of your brand marketing strategy. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) reports that 91% of marketers use content marketing to promote brand awareness and...

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    digital marketing trends-and innovation
    Posted by Marie Johnson | 22 07 2020
    13 Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations For 2020

    If someone would have told me in 2015 or 2016 that Voice Search, AI and data-driven marketing were going to be the future of the digital marketing industry, I would have probably thought “fine, ya, let’s forget it for now and think of it when that happens; we have more...

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    Super creative instagram accounts
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 11 07 2020
    10 Super Creative Instagram Accounts that Are Really Kicking It

    Be it a brand like Old Spice or Haldiram’s, or a celebrity like Priyanka Chopra or Cristiano Ronaldo, everything (and everyone) is on Instagram these days. And, why not? With about a billion active monthly users to boast of, Instagram is the perfect social media channel for businesses and people...

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    content Marketing examples
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 04 07 2020
    7 Excellent Content Marketing Examples To Learn From

    If you are reading this, you already know how content marketing has emerged as the long-term success mantra for both small and big businesses. But creating and marketing exceptional content needs a bit of inspiration now and then. So, here are some wonderful content marketing examples from leading brands like...

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    Google Search Quality Raters- justwords
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 27 06 2020
    Google’s Search Quality Raters: Here is What They Say About High-Quality Pages and Content

    Google’s search engine algorithm is notoriously secretive. In fact, the entire SEO industry is built on trying to figure out exactly what helps a website rank higher in the search results.    So, when Google released its “Search Quality Evaluator” guidelines back in 2015, marketers across the world were pleasantly...

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    Justwords Turns 10 years
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 15 06 2020
    Justwords Turns 10: Here Are 10 Lessons We Learnt

    Justwords sprang to life in 2010. It’s sort of hard to believe that a decade has passed by since the first website went up. It felt good to launch the website, all yellow and bright (so wrong in terms of SEO today), carrying a pretty image of a piece of...

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    AskNestle Wins Bronze at the Global WARC Awards
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 01 06 2020
    AskNestle Wins Bronze at the Global WARC Awards: How We Helped Build Nestle’s Strongest Digital Asset

    It’s not everyday that you get to be a part of a product that promises to be change worthy, and then also goes ahead and wins one of the most prestigious international awards – the Global WARC awards.   In the middle of all the gloomy news, we received this...

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    Building Your Digital Marketing Agency
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 28 05 2020
    9 Crucial Things To Keep In Mind While Building Your Digital Marketing Agency

    We’ve all dreamt of being our own boss. Having a swanky office, a gifted team, innovative work and big clients, maybe your name on the masthead. But for most marketers, these castles in the air don’t anchor to firm ground. Why?   It’s not because they lack talent, or that...

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    social media management strategies
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 19 05 2020
    Social Media Management: Strategies During Times of Crisis

    As the reality of #StayHome and #Lockdown loomed large, brands had to think fast to ensure they remained relevant to the coronavirus’ impact on social media. The regular messaging would not work. Anyone who tried to sellor promote—or sounded like an opportunist—received a backlash. Strategies changed overnight, and now, we...

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    Blog Writer Goal
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 01 05 2020
    How to Write More than 10,000 Words a Week?

    I love writing. That’s what I do almost the whole day, every working day of the week and month and year. Well, you guessed it – I am a writer and I love being one. I usually write about 3000-4000 words a day, depending on what I am writing. If...

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    business client
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 24 04 2020
    How You Can Make Up For Lost Clients With Content Marketing?

    I would like to not talk about the negativity surrounding us right now. I strongly believe that the best thing about the human race is how fast we learn to adapt to new conditions. And it’s this survival instinct that will help us come out of the other end of...

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    Great Content
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 17 04 2020
    11 Reasons Why Nimble Content Trumps Everything Else

    There are about 4.5 billion internet users around the world. According to CMI, half of today’s 18 to 49-year-olds read news and information online and 61% of American consumers made e-purchase decisions after reading recommendations on a blog. What does this data mean for marketers? Online consumers today are smarter...

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    Coronavirus Brand Impact
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 11 04 2020
    How Should Brands Communicate Now: 4 Companies That Are Getting It Right

    As the Corona crisis took over the world, several brands pulled back their advertising and marketing efforts. While some feared that marketing campaigns could earn backlash against the brand, some just didn’t know to say. So, should brands communicate? Should they communicate at all? A 12-market study (12,000 people were...

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    work from home
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 03 04 2020
    Working from Home: 11 Tips to Help You Stay Super Focussed and Avoid Distractions

    Kids running around, television channels screaming out news, your spouse wanting something done urgently, meals waiting to be cooked and household chores waiting to be finished. That is the home situation that most of us are dealing with nowadays. Add to that the constant stream of notifications that pop up...

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    times of crisis
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 28 03 2020
    Content Marketing During the Times of Crisis

    If you are a business owner who relies on online marketing to help your customers discover your product, engage, and nurture, now is the time to think differently. Unnatural times require big course correction. And that is what needs to happen with your marketing plans. You need to take into...

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    Impact of coronavirus
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 21 03 2020
    8 Things You Can Do Today to Protect Your Business from Coronavirus

    For those of us who run businesses, these are really tough times. There is worry about how will business continue, how will teams operate during work-from-from times, how will we survive clients dropping out, how will employees and other expenses get paid. In short, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a...

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    Grammar cheat sheet
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 28 02 2020
    Grammar Cheat Sheet: Rules to Help You Write Well

    As a writer, MS Word has made me lax over the years. I type out the thoughts quickly and expect the autocorrect to take care of the mistakes. The good part is I also recognize the mistakes that the software misses. For example, if I wrote ‘The girl was pail’...

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    Clutch- JWC Ranking
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 26 02 2020
    Clutch Features Justwords as One of India’s Top Content Marketing Agencies

    At Justwords, we have been working on leveraging content to build brands for over a decade now. From our expertise in content creation, we have organically branched out into various aspects of digital marketing to now operate as a full-service content marketing company. In the last 10 years, we’ve watched...

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    SEO Tips Google Ranking
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 10 02 2020
    Top 5 SEO Tips for Google Rankings in 2020

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is one of the most unique areas of marketing — people either love it or hate it, there’s usually no middle ground.  One of the reasons for this is that since its inception around 15 years ago, SEO has been constantly evolving. Justwords has been around...

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    Republic Day
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 03 02 2020
    Brand Campaigns That Earned the Right Spotlight on Republic Day 2020

    Brands are in the constant lookout to engage with their prospects and build a moment marketing connection on special occasions. Republic Day 2020 too was one such occasion. On such days, it is never about a hard sell, but the messaging, where there is some product or service synergy. We...

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    Content marketing trends 2020
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 28 01 2020
    5 Content Marketing Trends in 2020

    Like everything else, digital trends in content marketing 2020 too are undergoing a change. The way we create, market, and analyze content will have some new facets. Blogs, social media content, websites, and apps will all still be on the content marketer’s job list. But there are going to be...

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    Content Outsourcing
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 24 01 2020
    7 Reasons Why Outsourcing Content Can Stop Being a Pain and Become a Pleasure

    Content creation and marketing are among the most underrated tasks in marketing. It requires a mix of many skill sets along with the ability to constantly keep up with changing formats and burgeoning requirements. A content creator needs to be well-versed with various specialized forms of content like text (blogs,...

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    Republic day
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 21 01 2020
    5 Content Marketing Ideas to Showcase Your Brand This Republic Day

    India’s emergence as an independent republic is observed with much pride and gaiety on the 26th January of every year. Since 1950, this day has been deemed as a national holiday, and it not only evokes patriotic sentiments in the common man but also allows him to spend quality time...

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    Content Writing
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 16 01 2020
    Content Writing 101: How to Become a Successful Content Writer

    Content writing can be a tricky profession today. On the one hand, everyone’s potentially a writer in the age of the internet, which can make it really hard to stand out. On the other hand, with the number of brands that rely on content marketing agency today (newsflash, it’s almost...

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    Website traffic
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 13 01 2020
    5 Types of Content to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

    Are you suffering from blogger’s block? Or, just wondering how to liven up your blog so that you can find a better connection with your audience? If so, you’re not alone. Most content marketers struggle with this at some stage of their journey— maintaining a blog that’s consistently exciting isn’t...

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    2019 trends
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 31 12 2019
    Best Content Examples of 2019

    As the year comes to a close, it’s time to share our favourite picks of content from around the world that has induced a range of emotions. We had the team pick and vote their favourite content and these are the ones that we want to be on our list...

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    website Traffic
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 30 12 2019
    8 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog in 2020

    Currently, there are close to 250 million blogs in the internet-verse. Many of them are vying for your target audience’s attention. However, there are only a few blogs that enjoy a constant flow of traffic and engagement. If you want to make your blog among those select few, read on....

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 16 12 2019
    Wondering How to Shape Your Marketing Strategy? Use Google Analytics

    We’re almost on the verge of embracing 2020, and most digital marketers still struggle with proving the efficacy of digital marketing. In fact,  42% of them said that their biggest challenge is “proving the ROI of our marketing activities”. At Justwords, we have understood over the years that digital marketing...

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    Visual Storytelling
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 05 12 2019
    Don’t Lose the Plot, Here’s How Your Brand Can Tell a Consistent Visual Story

    Here’s what happens when you visit any outlet of a brand like Dominos across India. Barring the size of the outlet, you’ll find that all of them deliver pizzas of the exact same taste and have the same visual collateral. The menus, the tent cards and the value meals all...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 03 12 2019
    10 Incredible Blogging Stats to Inspire You to Blog in 2020

    Have you recently started a blog or are planning to start one — but still skeptical about whether it’s worth your time and resources? You’re not alone — with the number of blogs out there, most new bloggers are thinking about whether blogging is worth it or not. Yet, blogging...

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    SEO Mistakes
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 29 11 2019
    The Most Common SEO Mistakes that Online Ad Publishers Need to Fix Today

    SEO is no longer an esoteric science that only a few companies excel at. In fact, every business today has to invest in SEO — whether it’s a local bakery or an international SaaS company. It might be noted though that there’s one industry that can especially benefit from investing...

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    content creation secret
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 25 11 2019
    Discover the Top 5 Secrets to Successful Content Creation

    They sometimes say that great ideas are a dime-a-dozen. And there’s probably some truth to this. Having a brilliant idea isn’t very hard! It’s the journey from idea to execution that’s challenging. It requires a framework, craftsmanship, discipline, and persistence. In today’s world, where content is being thrown at us...

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    Google BERT
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 21 11 2019
    Google BERT — The Algorithm Update Everyone is Talking about and How it Will Affect Your SEO

    On 25th October, Google released what it calls the most important update to its search algorithm in years — BERT. Naturally, everyone from business owners to digital marketers has been in a tizzy since then. While some people saw a dramatic fluctuation in their rankings, others saw barely any change...

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    online troll
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 16 11 2019
    7 Ways to Deal with Internet Trolls: The Underbelly of Reputation Management

    Pooja, a social media manager with a hospitality brand, had to excuse herself from a friend’s party at 11 PM. Her company’s social channel had erupted with 60 negative tweets from a disgruntled guest who was not ready to stop until the company was taking heed of his demands. The...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 14 11 2019
    Afraid of Competition from the Bigwigs? Here are 5 Ways You Can Compete with Industry Giants

    Having worked with small businesses across India on SEO and content marketing for over a decade, there are some questions we hear very often. The one that probably tops the list is - “Is there even a point in investing money in SEO? Especially, when there are huge MNCs who...

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    Marketing Psychology
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 28 10 2019
    6 Powerful Ways Marketers Can Use Psychology to Improve Content

    Being a marketer is not easy. You need to wear several hats to create that perfect selling proposition – you need to have the understanding of the product manager, the content team, your sales guys, and even the data people to add that new perspective in positioning, pricing and placement....

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    Google Algorithm
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 04 10 2019
    How to Write Content That is Future-Proofed for Google Algorithm Updates

    Did you know that Google made 3234 algorithm updates in 2018? That’s an average of 9 updates a day! Savvy SEO executives who keep a watch on their keywords’ ranking every day notice the subtle changes. A website that was lost in the depths of page 5 suddenly starts ranking...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 24 09 2019
    The yay and nay of Influencer Marketing and should you do it

    Keeping up with the latest trend, there would hardly be a marketer who may have not considered Influencer Marketing in their mix. Given the paucity of visibility in organic marketing and noise in paid marketing, Influencer Marketing seemed like idea that was clutter-breaking. Like all media, it comes with its...

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    LinkedIn vs Facebook
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 13 09 2019
    Linkedin vs Facebook :How to Use This Platform for Business Purpose

    Let’s start by clarifying that aren’t stating the obvious. Both channels are traditionally used for very different purposes. Facebook is used to share photos from vacation and connect with friends and family. Linkedin is used by businesses to share updates while staying update What we would like to elaborate is...

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    Customer Engagement
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 10 09 2019
    7 Customer Engagement Strategies That Really Work

    Digital marketing has one significant advantage over traditional marketing. And that is its ability to create a two-way dialogue between customers and the brand. Unlike traditional marketing where brands shove a bunch of information down customers’ throats, digital marketing allows you to build a relationship with your customers; thereby creating...

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    Rise of social media
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 04 09 2019
    Rise of new social media channels – Vero, Tik Tok and others you should be aware about

    All digital marketers know that there are dime a dozen new social channels emerging every day, all wanting to be the next Facebook and take over the world. What the savvy digital marketer really wants to know is which of these should he or she bet their money on. Existing...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 29 08 2019
    How to Increase Traffic & Improve SEO with Structured Data Markup

    SEO is generally divided in on-page, off-page and tech, each requiring a complete understanding of how search engines ‘view’ the website. While on-page and off-page can be taught to a novice, tech SEO requires some basic understanding behind the science of search engines. It doesn’t mean you should know to...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 27 08 2019
    How to Create Your First LinkedIn Ads Campaign in 5 Simple Steps

    LinkedIn is one of the most underrated social media platforms there is. A lot of people think it simply doesn’t have the kind of numbers that Facebook and Instagram do. But if you think about it, LinkedIn is really a curated platform. It may have only 575 million users (compared...

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    content PERSONALITY
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 20 08 2019
    7 Actionable Tips to Give Your Content More Personality

    It’s true- there are over 2 million blog posts being written every single day. So how do you engage readers in this era of short attention spans and information overload? The only way of effectively doing this is by creating unique content. But as our clients always ask us, “is...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 09 08 2019
    Making the Online Offline connect for Your Campaigns

    With limited attention span and mind space, most brands who want to create a sustained campaign recall tend to plan for a 360-degree campaign. This often means a campaign that encompasses print, radio, outdoors and digital. In some cases, it may also include in-store advertising and Below The Line (BTL)...

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    Search engine optimisation
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 23 07 2019
    How to Rank on Position Zero in Google

    We know that Google is constantly experimenting with search results. For search engine optimizers, goals keep shifting. SEO earlier was about ranking against competitors in the same category. Now it has moved to a point where SEO is about having a sustained approach against Google’s changing algorithm. Ranking on position...

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    Whatsapp for business
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 18 07 2019
    Whatsapp for Business – All you need to know and how to assess if its worth it

    Most marketeers have already heard about Whatsapp for Business that launched sometime back. A few early birds have tried it out. Most others are trying to figure their way around this new and seemingly powerful means of customer communication. Let's get into the details of what this medium is, how...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 13 07 2019
    How to Edit Social Media Posts That Have Already Been Published

    When it comes to content, the competition becomes more intense every day. And for any brand that hopes to capture that slice of the customer’s attention, posting quality content simply isn’t enough. I can post a great Insta story or a witty meme with an even wittier caption, but if...

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    SEO Backlink
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 03 07 2019
    How to Get High-Quality Backlinks: Strategies That Work in 2019

    A young startup recently came to us thoroughly confused and exasperated by SEO. They had begun to think of SEO as this black box where things are constantly shifting and they just never quite knew how to get it right. There were so many elements to SEO — content, keywords,...

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    Home Page
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 20 06 2019
    5 Amazing Home Page Design Templates That You Can Use

    There are many misconceptions that home pages simply don’t matter anymore. Why bother with a perfect home page when you can just create targeted landing pages for each of your marketing campaigns? But the truth is that the homepage is here to stay. Whether you like it or not, it’s...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 17 06 2019
    11 Must-do Tactics for High Ranking Videos on YouTube

    If you’ve been looking for YouTube video optimization ideas, you’ve most likely been through the regular tactics – adding proper tags, adding keywords in the title or description and the likes. This article is ideally for people who want to delve deeper into the core aspects of YouTube SEO, to...

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    Customer review
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 12 06 2019
    How Customer Reviews Can Bring a Whole New Meaning to Your Content Marketing

    Content Marketing and Customer Reviews have traditionally been two very different things, belonging to completely different domains. Content Marketing is used to build interest and educate users while customer reviews come only after the product has been purchased. Yet, in a world of peer reviews and social proof, the lines...

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    Search Engine Marketing
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 07 06 2019
    Google and the Future of SEO

    This is one undisputed fact - Google, being one of the top search engines, has a massive influence on key SEO practices. The algorithm used by Google can essentially make or break the future of your online venture by determining its positioning in the search engine results. While Google fervently...

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    Content marketing services
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 03 06 2019
    6 Reasons Why your Content Marketing may be Failing and How to Fix it

    If you ask me, content marketing is probably one of the best long-term marketing strategies that you can adopt for your business. For starters, there is enough evidence that it works. And there is research to support what I just claimed. As per research, content marketing is actually three times as effective...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 28 05 2019
    [Infographics] Why Content Marketing Works

    As content marketers, there’s one question we never stop hearing from clients — “Does content marketing really work?” While people can easily see how content marketing propels brands to success, they often doubt if it will work for them. That’s usually because content marketing doesn’t always have a very direct...

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    Social Media Marketing 2019
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 17 05 2019
    The Best Social Media Marketing Channels Strategies for 2019

    Social media marketing is no longer a novelty but an everyday reality for most companies. In fact, research reveals that 90% of customers have already used social media as a way to communicate with a brand while another 63% of customers actually expect companies to offer customer service via social...

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    Business on Instagram
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 07 05 2019
    Top 5 Ways to Use Instagram Marketing to Improve Your Business

    Over the years, we’ve seen many standpoints towards Instagram marketing. Some clients feel it’s just a fad while others feel it may not work for their product. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve also had clients who see Instagram as the only thing their marketing strategy will ever...

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    Blog writing services
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 26 04 2019
    How to Turn an Idea into Two Weeks Worth of Content

    We all know that panic strikes when we are running out of ideas for the next blog post. There is pressure to constantly find ideas that captivate your audience can be very intense. In extreme cases, one can even start feeling burnt out or run into a creative block. One...

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    Better Copywriter
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 19 04 2019
    Why You Need to Sell Your Own Product to Become a Better Copywriter

    Here is a thing to remember. You may have learnt a whole lot about copywriting; from books, online courses, and even real-life experience. You might have even worked for a multitude of clients across the board; handling their marketing and sales copy. But the truth of the matter is unless...

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    signs of a creative genius
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 15 04 2019
    7 Daily Routines That Harness Your Creative Genius

    “The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.” Pablo Picasso Counter-intuitive as it may sound, this quote by Picasso says a lot about the nature of creativity. Most of us think that creative effort happens only in bursts of inspiration, but creativity is a habit that needs to be inculcated...

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    Microcopy in Ecommerce
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 06 04 2019
    E-commerce Microcopy: A Simple and Effective Way to Increase Sales

    What if we told you that you’re ignoring a very simple aspect of your e-commerce website? And that this aspect can actually help you increase your conversions by 14- 166%? This article talks about microcopy- an essential element of a website’s user experience that most businesses end up ignoring. We...

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    Online Shopping
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 28 03 2019
    A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching an E-Commerce Website for Your Physical Store

    You have just set up your brick-and-mortar store and are wondering how to take it to the next level. Or your physical store has been around for years and of late sales have plateaued. In either case, you’re probably wondering if an e-commerce website is an answer. The Indian e-commerce...

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    Social Media marketing
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 15 03 2019
    How to write great social media posts

    Social media advertising has gained in stature as one of the most potent mediums to promote, engage and register conversions among the target audience – a testimony to the fact that they have been the sole cause for creating celebrities from scratch, business empires and unique corporate models for some...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 09 03 2019
    Why All Business Owners Should Consider Podcasting

    Podcasts started in 2004 as a very niche form of content that only some techies were hooked to. In the last 15 years, that has changed dramatically. In 2013, Apple announced that over 1 billion people subscribed to its podcasts. Today, Apple has more than 525,000 active podcasts and over...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 05 03 2019
    Why Great Brand Stories Need Videos

    Videos are fast becoming the go-to medium for brands to connect with customers. With the digital age, videos have become so much more than the traditional 15/ 30-second advertising that dominated television. With the adoption of high-speed internet and social media taking to videos in a big way, videos are...

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    How to write the perfect product descriptions for your eCommerce website store
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 21 02 2019
    How to write the perfect product descriptions for your eCommerce website

    You have a product you want to sell. So, you have lured the customer in and he is flipping through your website. And, you know that he is interested! But what is that quick-kill chord that needs to resonate with him and make him hit the ‘Buy’ button? Aah. It...

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    Content Marketing Plan
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 21 02 2019
    Do This & Don’t Do That While Executing Your Content Marketing Plan

    When you are in the business of content, people always want to know how to increase traffic to their website/business quickly. Is there a right or wrong way of doing content marketing? So here it is – a list of what to do and what not to do when you...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 08 02 2019
    5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

    Content marketing is without a doubt one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. It brings your website invaluable organic traffic over a long period of time. In fact, 53% of marketers believe that blogs are one of the best ways to generate inbound traffic. however, there’s a flipside...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 05 02 2019
    Are You Doing These 5 Mistakes While Choosing Your SEO Keywords?

    The keywords are the nuts and bolts of your SEO campaign. The first step is to get these ducks in the right row. Here are a few things you might be doing wrong while choosing your keywords. Keywords are what makes the SEO world go around, so it’s obviously crucial...

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    Republic day
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 28 01 2019
    Here’s How Brands Used Social Media to Celebrate Republic Day 2019

    The feeling of patriotism seems to be at an all-time high in India this year. Whether it is patriotic movies being released or the rediscovery of our past glory, we Indians seem to be revelling in feelings of nationalism and patriotism. Of course, many well-loved brands are using this patriotic...

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    local seo techniques
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 25 01 2019
    5 Local SEO Strategies that Will Help You Rank in 2019

    You may have been running your small local business in a traditional manner for many years. But there’s a reason that marketing strategies that worked in the past may not be as effective today. The reason for this is a rapidly changing consumer behavior. The statistics speak for themselves. Four...

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    SEO Trends
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 10 01 2019
    The 5 Crucial SEO Trends for 2019

    Since the early 2000s when Search Engine Optimization (SEO) first became a trend, more and more companies all over the world are trying their best to rank higher in Google’s search results. At the same time, Google and other search engines are becoming smarter, with newer ways to better their...

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    Social Media Promotion
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 09 01 2019
    Why is it the right time to market your business through Social Media?

    Today, India has gained a top seat in terms of social media users and use. Across popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, India has recorded a phenomenal increase in social media use over the past 4 years, edging well past the commercial leader, USA. It is...

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    skills as a content writer
    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 09 01 2019
    This is why even content marketers need editors

    Content has rapidly become the de-facto in how businesses build credibility, implement thought leadership and grow a community of loyal fans and followers. Understandably, the pressure and expectations on the content marketer are increasing by the way. However, when you see that that 27 million pieces of content are created...

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    Mobile content strategy
    Posted by Justwords Team | 31 12 2018
    Preparing your content strategy for a mobile-only future

    We are living in a transitional time where mobile is taking over the desktop in terms of usage. But it has not taken over not fully yet. The future trends do seem to predict that mobile will be tipping the balance. What we create today needs to not only function...

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    About us
    Posted by Justwords Team | 31 12 2018
    Are you making these mistakes with your About Us page?

    Though the About Us page of a business website remains to be the most visited of website pages, it is almost always treated as an afterthought. Most business owners assume that since it is mostly self-branding, the About Us content and design can be pushed down the priority listings. This...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 31 12 2018
    A tried-and-tested guide to becoming a better content writer

    Fun fact: The average salary of a content writer in the USA is $42,000 per year. Another fun fact: The average salary of a content writer in India is INR 2,50,000. The plight of content writers in India is real. It’s a hard industry to survive in. Try finding a...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 31 12 2018
    8 easy ways to spike up the engagement rate of your content

    Engagement is a term that is thrown around quite loosely these days when it comes to social media KPIs. But then brands fail to question what engagement metric is truly of value to the brand. If someone just likes your page, is that of value? If someone likes a post...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 28 12 2018
    5 types of content that will attract paying customers

    When we set out on a content marketing journey, our key agenda is to create offerings for readers who get attracted to the brand’s offerings. Whether we do this subtly or in an overtly promotional manner depends on the brand’s requirements. In both cases, the idea is to think what...

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    SEO copywriting tricks
    Posted by Justwords Team | 28 12 2018
    [Video] 11 SEO copywriting tricks you must understand if you want your content to work

    When we hear the term SEO copywriting, we think that its main objective is to make sure that the content ranks well in search engines. And that’s why often the content creators get too caught up with ever-changing search engine algorithms, rankings and generating traffic and forget that the real...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 28 12 2018
    [Video] 8 steps guide to Good Content

    Gone are the days when traditional advertising used to rule the roost in marketing strategies. Today, content marketing has taken over that pie and is transforming the way brands communicate with their consumers, both present and potential, and create a sense of bonding. A company that creates relevant and valuable...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 24 12 2018
    [Video] 6 things that will help you hire the best content agency

    In an ideal world, being a client would be the easiest job on earth. Put together a brief, see the agency work their magic, get back beautiful reports that make you look good and imagine yourself sipping Margarita on the beach. Since the world isn't this imaginary utopia, clients, as...

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    Copy vs Content
    Posted by Justwords Team | 17 08 2018
    Copy v/s content – what you should be doing for the blog

    “The customer is not stupid. She is your wife.” That quote from the grand ol’ daddy of advertising pretty much settles the debate on how you should be communicating with your customers. Whether you do it via your blog or advertising, the rule remains the same. Which means, whether you...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 07 08 2018
    How small organizations can join the video marketing craze?

      We’ve generally seen startups and SMEs all thrilled when it comes to digital marketing as it offers quick and tangible results. But a lot of them shy away when we suggest video marketing. The term invokes a budget, production, and execution worry which stops most people from exploring it as...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 27 07 2018
    How social listening can help with SEO

    When you log in to your brand’s social account, you encounter an environment of virtual noise and chatter. If you are on social, ‘hearing’ happens by default – where you see and hear everything around you to an extent that you have awareness about the most important topics and conversations....

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    Social Media Tools
    Posted by Justwords Team | 20 07 2018
    Social Media Tools: The 5 types to help you become a better marketer

    Having a presence on social media is no longer a choice for businesses. It is a way to make sure you connect and engage with your customers, up the game on your competitors and continue to attract prospects. While it is one of the most exciting jobs out there, with...

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    The Client-The Agencies
    Posted by Justwords Team | 18 07 2018
    It isn’t a great content if it can’t deliver

    Content marketing is the one thing that everyone is doing these days – agencies, clients, brand owners, influencers and even people in general. That’s because we have collectively woken up to the power of content that is created well. What exactly are we talking about here? Is good content the...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 11 07 2018
    What makes us share content?

    Did you hear Despacito or Shape of You in a loop last year?     You must have shared and had many of your friends hear it too. That made these videos the most shared ones on Facebook in 2017!  When was the last time you wrote a blog that...

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    SEO in 2018
    Posted by Justwords Team | 22 06 2018
    How to Write for SEO in 2018 and Achieve Staggering Results

    In 1996, Bill Gates coined the phrase ‘content is king’, though this was hardly true in the early days of the internet. In fact, up until past few years, one could still write ordinary content, artificially stuff it with keywords, throw some Web 2.0 links and still sleepwalk their way...

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    SEO Myths and Reality
    Posted by Justwords Team | 15 06 2018
    6 top myths that might be harming your SEO strategy

    SEO is one field where changes have been constant. That’s because Google changes its algorithm from time to time – sometimes even several times in a year – to fetch the most relevant results for queries submitted. This only means that the techniques that worked well a few years ago,...

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    Digital Marketing
    Posted by Justwords Team | 06 06 2018
    Here is what the internet biggies were up to in May

    Did you miss out on what happened in digital last month? There seems to be too much happening with Facebook trying to cover its tracks. Google seems to be on an overdrive with Assistant. And then, there are startups that threaten to create a power imbalance every now and then....

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 05 06 2018
    5 reasons why supply chain businesses should invest in content

    “Does content marketing work for an industry like supply chain and logistics? Are these not just fancy words being exchanged by marketers?” Those were the precise words that were asked by the general manager of a large supply chain management company. Till very recently, he admitted, he had not even...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 01 06 2018
    Visual content formats that can triple your content marketing results

    OK. We will skip infographics and photos out of the list because it is obvious. Or wait! We will make them more awesome There are several data-driven reasons to use visual content. The facts that our brain’s recall goes up from 10% to 65% between audible and visual content is...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 24 05 2018
    The checklist you need to write the best website content

    How important is the content on your website? On a scale of 1 to 10, we would probably put it on 15. It is often the first touch point for a prospect who has discovered or stumbled upon your website. In the absence of a human driving sales, the content...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 22 05 2018
    Building a website? Here are 10 things you must know to get it right

    Things change quite fast in the online world these days. Fast enough to make you wonder if the website you build today will be likable or even be looked upon as tech-savvy a year down the line. It is not just the features and tech spec. It is also what...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 18 05 2018
    Want content marketing to work? Be ready for a marathon run

    As content marketers, we are often approached by businesses who want content marketing programs designed to achieve quick results. And even though people are coming of age with their understanding of what content marketing is, I am sad to report that the current state of affairs isn’t very great. Most...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 14 05 2018
    9 best ways to reuse that blog pile in your archive and get more traffic

    With the amount of content created churned out into the digital universe, it is a little amazing to see how people keep coming up with new things to write about and others make the time to read (some of) it. We say this from the perspective of a content marketer...

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    Deadly sins
    Posted by Justwords Team | 04 05 2018
    [Video] 5 copywriting sins that weaken your content ROI

      Imagine if there is a toolbox to fix your content marketing wagon, then effective copywriting would be one of the most important devices in that kit. No matter what people may say, copywriting is much more than 'writing those sales pitches without sounding like one'. A well-written copy is...

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    click bait
    Posted by Justwords Team | 01 05 2018
    How Content Marketers Can Use the Power of Clickbait for Good

    “I have lost respect for Rahul Dravid”. This article appeared at the bottom of another article I was reading on my iPad on a Sunday morning. I waited 3 seconds before I gave into the temptation of reading about what had the former Indian cricketing captain, known for being generally...

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    Customer Support on Social Media
    Posted by Justwords Team | 26 04 2018
    How to be Effective at Customer Support on Social Media?

    Are you a modern day business seeking to establish better relationships with your customers? Do you want them to feel a personal touch with your brand?A good way you could go about it is to think in the direction of setting customer support services on social platforms. Remember, the last...

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    What is Content Marketing
    Posted by Justwords Team | 13 04 2018
    [Video] Why exactly should you do content marketing and how?

    Are you a business owner who approaches marketing like a ‘one-night stand’? As nasty as it sounds, you could actually be doing that with little realization. Put differently, are you following the approach of shoving your product right at your target customer’s face just when you spot them? Well, if...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 12 04 2018
    Different Ways Your Business Can Use Videos to its Advantage

      A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, then what do you think about videos? Videos are clearly far more captivating and engaging than static graphics and textual content can ever get. They are an ideal means to garner attention, yield clicks and score leads for your business. It’s...

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    10 Content Strategies to Boost Traffic to Your eCommerce Website
    Posted by Justwords Team | 10 04 2018
    [eBook] 10 Content Strategies to Boost Traffic to Your eCommerce Website

    If you’re the owner or marketing head of an eCommerce store, we totally understand your pain. While setting up shop and running ads was one part, getting more customers, revenues and sales is just so much harder. You’re probably planning to or have already engaged in content marketing because that’s...

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    Cambridge Analytica
    Posted by Justwords Team | 27 03 2018
    Why its important to understand the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica fiasco

    Unless you have been living under a (digital) rock, you would have heard about the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook incident. As individuals, we woke up to the new era of cyber crime. People aren’t calling it a ‘crime’ yet as they don’t know how it is affecting them as individuals. As a...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 23 03 2018
    How Fitness and Wellness Brands Are Using Social Media Content to Build Communities

    When was the last time you tried to lose weight? Well... I started this great new program yesterday, fully enthusiastic that this was going to be ‘the’ life-altering thing I was looking for – you know, the kinds where you lose 10 kgs in 10 days and everybody is going...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 15 03 2018
    Should you use ChatBots for your small business?

    Are you a small business trying to get your leg up on the competition? Do you belong to that pool of businesses that have limited resources but an unlimited fire to provide superlative customer experience? Are you one of those enterprises doing well with regards to generating awareness & interest...

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    Facebook Feed
    Posted by Justwords Team | 27 02 2018
    What You Should Know About The New Facebook Feed Algorithm Update

    Online marketers often find themselves to be puppets at the hands of a few internet giants who push and sway the everyday workings of each algorithm update. Though companies like Google and Facebook are known to update their algorithms frequently, most of it goes unnoticed by the crowd in general....

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    Social Media Trends
    Posted by Justwords Team | 21 02 2018
    5 top trends that are likely to be adopted for social media

      We’ve reached a stage of online evolution where brands cannot afford to miss out on social chatter. You’ll see many doing the mandatory routine of posting on various social channels every day. The other end of the spectrum showcases case studies where brands are unlocking the true potential of...

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    Emerging Video
    Posted by Justwords Team | 09 02 2018
    Move over blogs, and articles. Here are new content formats to consider

    The content marketing game is changing slowly but steadily. There are still hordes of blogs and content produced in the world but only a minuscule percentage of it manages to catch our attention, resonate, or go viral. While you may already have a solid content plan charted out for 2018,...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 22 01 2018
    5 Indian Tech Companies mastering the art of Content

    Whenever we think of content marketing, the easy and regular industries come to mind. From fashion to beauty, health to entertainment, it is easy to fit in content with such industries. But what happens when it comes to tech companies? Creating products and services for a very specific set of...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 16 01 2018
    How to start your first content marketing campaign: the 5 must-do steps

    There is a lot of hype and plenty of statistics that suggest that if you aren’t doing content marketing, you are losing out on a big chunk of business. A lot of it is true too. To find out, examine your own online behaviour. How many times have you searched...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 05 01 2018
    SEO: Optimizing For Voice Search

    Three-year-old Jia picked up her mother’s phone, unlocked it, then went on to Google voice search and confidently said, “Pikachu video”. In an instant, several of the popular Pokemon character’s videos popped up on the screen. The world of search just opened up not only to people who don’t want...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 28 12 2017
    Rounding off 2017: The Year That Was

    Here we are with the last post of the year! It’s been an interesting one with so many predictions about content coming true. So here’s our look at the year that was... 12 stories, one from each month of the year that shared an interesting perspective on content January -...

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    Charging Bull Sculpture in New York city
    Posted by Justwords Team | 22 12 2017
    2020: 3 top marketing campaigns that took risks, broke barriers and made a point

    There are marketing campaigns... and then there are marketing campaigns that inspire, that aren’t forgotten easily. They are campaigns that take a risk and break barriers. These mostly revolve around a social cause that touches a nerve of a wide segment of the population. The cleverness lies in the fact...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 19 12 2017
    Content marketing for heavy industries – how you can make it work

    Some people feel that the whole content marketing hype isn’t for everybody. After all who will want to read ‘boring’ content about heavy industries, their functioning, and machinery when the most common articles lapped up on the internet are about celebrities and cats! Beyond the shallow and quick reads that...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 12 12 2017
    This is how you can get a flourishing fan base for your beauty blog

      61% of Twitter users and 51% of Facebook users said that they were more likely to buy from the brands they follow. Building a community and fan following is often viewed with scepticism by marketers who don’t know how to attribute ROI to the money spent on this activity....

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    Large Enterprise and Small Medium SEO
    Posted by Justwords Team | 07 12 2017
    SEO: What works for big enterprises and small businesses

      SEO is an art and not all art is made equal, but all art is equally difficult. Optimizers face different levels of difficulty whether they have a small 5-page Wordpress website or a full-fledged 2000+ page eCommerce website. On the surface, it looks like bigger sites have a huge...

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    Marketing Idea
    Posted by Justwords Team | 04 12 2017
    Content marketing stories that caught our attention (updated)

    It’s that time of the year folks. Introspection happen. Predictions begin. We are nearing the end of another year of surviving algorithm updates, new tools and changing strategies. As we look forward to the holidays, it isn’t coincidental that everyone around is either writing on learnings from 2017  or predicting...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 30 11 2017
    Avoid these useless 5 mistakes from your copy and hit the target on the head

      There are two interesting phrases that come to mind when we talk about Copywriting and how good it needs to be. Both come from David Ogilvy. “It’s not creative unless it sells” “The consumer isn’t a moron, she’s your wife” Keep these two phrases in front of you while...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 24 11 2017
    Content marketing not showing results? Here are 4 things that will help fix it

    If content were a living breathing entity it would probably require its own planet. That’s because the amount of content created is astounding – over 2M blogs a day when we were the last counting. Yet, everyone hopes that their piece of content will be the one thing that’ll shake...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 14 11 2017
    How do you create blogs that are completely original

      There are over 2 million blog posts being produced every day. What a number! We all are pretty sure that not all of these are original content. Some are copied outright. Others are ‘refurbished’ versions of popular blogs so that they can ride the popularity wave and get ranking...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 09 11 2017
    Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: Why You cannot Ignore It Anymore

    Are you still on the fence about adding Artificial Intelligence to your marketing mix? About time you jump over and start experimenting because if you don’t, you’ll be one of ‘those’ people who are still living under the rock in the next five years. Too dramatic? It is because we...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 08 11 2017
    [Free Case Study] Alliance Fintech – How we used content marketing to spike traffic by 149%

    We often have clients asking us what a particular digital or content campaign can actually do for them? Linking a digital marketing activity to goals, execution and then matching the results with a tangible outcome is something we’ve been doing consistently. This digital map has often been created using the...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 03 11 2017
    Should you be using a click bait headline or just a good one?

      In light of the recent news about a ‘void’ being discovered inside the Giza pyramid, we’ve just got out of an article that said: “New theory proves that aliens built the pyramids”. We delved right into the rabbit hole of ‘theories’ that fed our imagination about the extraterrestrial and...

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    The Best Of Content This Month
    Posted by Justwords Team | 31 10 2017
    Content marketing stories that caught our attention

    Come October, we found some interesting stories doing the rounds that can just about shape up your digital marketing strategy for 2018. With just 2 months to go for a new year and new beginnings, it is a good time to think about what’s coming your way. Have a look...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 27 10 2017
    10 amazingly creative Instagram brands

    Instagram has soon risen in popularity in the last couple of years. While some brands are yet to track their customer journey from a delicious photo to the ROI table, most brands know that this is a  valuable medium to grab customer attention. Being visually engaging is more important than...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 16 10 2017
    7 YouTube ads that teach you us how to create brilliant visual content

      Ads are sometimes a notorious hindrance in videos. Given how they are being programmed these days, it is difficult to skip some without watching at least for a few seconds. Thankfully, not all ads are bad or useless or boring. Some are made so extraordinarily well that you’ll forget...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 13 10 2017
    Why design of content is as important as quality

    Until now, we’ve shared a lot of tips on how to put together great content for your website, blogs and social platforms. The one part that all of us tend to conveniently skip is the design around the content.   Here’s some food for thought: Content is UX.  The purpose...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 06 10 2017
    From the (Advertising) week that was

      The Advertising Week in New York concluded last week. It was a week where the best brains in advertising, marketing, and media industries met, shared best practices and engaged in conversations that can shape the future of the industry. This year, there were many data-backed insights that were highlighted...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 03 10 2017
    Our round up of interesting stories from September

      Let’s get right down to business, shall we? After all, the ten minutes of your coffee break should be worthwhile. So instead of reading some meandering preamble, we present our pick of top 10 stories from the world of digital and content marketing that can do you a load...

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    What did these 6 blogs do to make us love them
    Posted by Justwords Team | 22 09 2017
    What did these 6 blogs do to make us love them?

    Our team at Justwords is a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds but we all share a common love for reading. Books and blog recommendations are an active part of conversations during lunch and tea time breaks. We recently decided to pick favourites in each sector that we thought everyone...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 19 09 2017
    11 essential questions about content marketing answered

    In our discussions with clients, we’ve often come across a common pattern of questions about content marketing. Some stem from worrying if it is worth investing in the medium. Other questions are around having clear measurement metrics or success stories from their industry. Below, we’ve put together 11 questions that...

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    Online Shopping
    Posted by Justwords Team | 12 09 2017
    Try these 10 content marketing strategies to clear the traffic roadblock to your eCommerce site

    We deal with a fair share of e-Commerce clients, some are giants, some smaller ones and some who are just about riding the wave. From our understanding of this particular industry, I believe that when it comes to content marketing, e-commerce has the best options to directly track the result...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 07 09 2017
    [Infographics] 11 SEO copywriting tricks you must understand if you want your content to work

    Are you looking for ways to write powerful, targeted content that can convert readers into customers? Content plays a crucial role in educating prospects about your products and moving them along their journey from becoming visitors to leads to customers to brand advocates. Being able to write such content can...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 29 08 2017
    [eBook] This is what SMEs need to understand about content marketing and how to get it started

    “Mamma let’s do an interesting cake this time. It's needs to have a good design”. That was my 10-year-old’s demand for her birthday. She was bored of our usual bakery shop which had been baking her birthday cakes since she was 3. I listened, frowned and then gave in on...

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    The Best Of Content This Month
    Posted by Justwords Team | 28 08 2017
    Our list of the best content marketing articles in August

    There are several trend stories that caught our attention this August. We are past the mid year mark for 2017 and so it is logical to pick out learnings from what’s happened so far and also take a peek at the future on what surprises the rest of year has...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 22 08 2017
    7 great power tools to ensure your content is marketed

      We’ve all read so much about great content being a link magnet which also gets shared organically. But, does it? Does writing good content automatically ensure traffic and links? Afraid, not. If you just write good content and expect magic to happen, it is like the Spaghetti on the...

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    The art of Storytelling
    Posted by Justwords Team | 18 08 2017
    How storytelling helps brands connect better with their consumers

    Let’s have a look at the picture below: Will you remember this picture and where you saw it? Seems unlikely. Here’s something interesting. During the mid-1940s, a serial killer named Markos Valaroje was known to have stalked and killed at least a dozen girls in their mid-teens. The killer had...

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    free stock images
    Posted by Justwords Team | 14 08 2017
    A fresh n fabulous list of websites that offer free stock images

    We’ve always heard and believed that there is no such thing as a free lunch. As content marketers we shoulder the sombre task of constantly feeding the interests of 99% of the Internet – which is a HUGE responsibility. While written content should always be original and crafted with purpose,...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 03 08 2017
    Content Marketing Stories that caught our attention this July

    Every month, one of our team’s internal KPIs is the learning each member brings to the table and how the learning can be collectively applied to solve client problems. Generally, when we are faced with a ‘How are we going to get this done’ situation, the team takes a deep...

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    Posted by Payel Mukherjee | 01 08 2017
    The Strategic Guide To Writing A Content Marketing Proposal

    Content Marketing has emerged as the biggest buzz word in the field of marketing in the last couple of years. To a novice, it is about writing a few blogs and then waiting to see if it attracts traffic. To experts, it is using content as the backbone of all...

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    SEO Proposal
    Posted by Justwords Team | 25 07 2017
    How to write an SEO proposal that will get the client on-board

    There is an untold confession in digital marketing – SEO is hard. No one can really guarantee to get you into the front page of Google or keep you there all along in the same place. There are too many factors that go into getting the equation right on ranking....

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 14 07 2017
    Why managing online reputation should be a crucial part of your offpage SEO

    Like other streams of digital marketing, SEO is passing through a transition.  What was popular yesterday may not be relevant today. This is not limited to a few strategies and practices, but your overall understanding of SEO and how you should approach it. Earlier, SEO was all about ensuring that...

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    digital marketing trends and innovation
    Posted by Justwords Team | 07 07 2017
    Are you updated on these updates in the Digital World?

      Crisp as a waffle and layered like lasagna, here’s the top happenings in the world of digital – Here’s to finishing your serving before the coffee break!   1. Google rolls out job search and email alerts   Once again, it is time to ring out the old and...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 04 07 2017
    Best of June: 10 best marketing reads that you may have missed

    We marketers are constantly in the search of inspiration. We want to know what’s happening in the world out there – applaud success stories, learn from other’s failures and more importantly try and remember the right examples that can be quoted to clients during the pitch meeting! But with sooooo...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 28 06 2017
    Justwords FAQ – How does content creation work at a content marketing agency

    We decided to create a series of Justwords FAQs since we felt this would answer a lot of common queries we usually receive from clients. Hope this helps.   Question: What is the content creation process at a content marketing agency. via GIPHY Answer: A lot of this depends on...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 21 06 2017
    Are you doing these 10 things wrong with your blog

    Just like there is a success mantra shared by good blogs, there is a list of things that most unsuccessful blogs share in common. You know it when you see them. You don’t stay on the site for more than a few seconds but it is enough to identify the...

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    Content marketing fail
    Posted by Justwords Team | 16 06 2017
    Failing at content marketing? Here are 7 ways to fix that

      In my years as a content marketer, here is one thing I have observed – there are more businesses that fail at content marketing than those who can make it work. A seemingly common complaint of business owners and marketing teams is that content marketing was perhaps a little...

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    Free Ebook
    Posted by Justwords Team | 13 06 2017
    [Free eBook] The 5 rules to creating better content & getting the reader hooked

      Remember what chef Gustav said in the movie Ratatouille? “Anyone can cook”. “But that doesn’t mean everyone should” replied the Remy, the rat. Here’s what happens with the internet – Anyone can write. But not everyone is a writer. The problem is, it looks like everyone who can write...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 09 06 2017
    All that you need to know about optimising your business blog – Part 2

    So, here we are, with the second part of our business blogging series. In the first part of business blog, we talked about how to give your blog a human voice, how to plan your blog, its topics, and content, and finally the various ways in which to promote the...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 07 06 2017
    Ingredients needed for a kickass business blog – Part 1

    Before we get started with this blog, I want to answer a basic question that I get asked pretty often – “So what’s the big deal about business blogging?” The big deal about a business blog is that it’s a great asset to have for any business. It gives the...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 02 06 2017
    SEO is changing: Here are 5 trends you need to know

      We SEO people are always a nervous lot. Apart from obsessively checking rankings, we are always waiting for Google to surprise us with some new update, trying to understand the intent of Google’s new programmes or its new acquisitions or decipher the messages that the search engine giant puts...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 31 05 2017
    Here are 25 of the most amazing content creation tools ever

    Is writing an acquired skill or an in-built talent? I say it is a little bit of both. Most writers have the talent to observe their surroundings and provide a unique interpretation to it. They also have an active imagination. In addition to this, the ‘skill’ of writing undergoes a...

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    hcode no-image
    Posted by Justwords Team | 26 05 2017
    Corporate blogging: Eight things to remember

    Are you struggling to make money out of your corporate blog? Are you wondering about where you are going wrong with it? Are you not being able to justify the time and effort your company is spending on its official blog? If you answered yes to all these questions, then...

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    hcode no-image
    Posted by Justwords Team | 19 05 2017
    How to write for the distracted modern reader: 15 ways to master that

    This blog will take a good reader around seven minutes to read. Why am I telling you this? Well probably because if you were the average reader, you wouldn’t waste more than 8 seconds on any web page. And woah, I caught your attention because I mentioned this will take...

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    25 things I learned about content that should make you a better writer
    Posted by Justwords Team | 12 05 2017
    25 things I learned about content that should make you a better writer

    What’s common between an established writer, a new writer, a freelancer and someone who just writes casually? Everyone faces a writers’ block. All writers are used to staring at a blinking cursor on a blank page wondering how they are going to fill it with 3000 original words that can...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 20 04 2017
    Six SEO myths that need to be trashed today

      “SEO is just rubbish. It doesn’t work. I have tried it a couple of times and it doesn’t work. It's just a big industry trying to scam people”. Well, I have heard this from several different people. Some have a reason as to why they have come to this...

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    How To Create Content For Google
    Posted by Justwords Team | 19 04 2017
    [Free eBook] The top 5 things you need to know before writing for Google

      Take almost any topic and Google it. You’ll see hundreds and thousands of pages appearing in search results. According to some estimates, there are over 2 million blog posts written every day! Now, you plan to create content on the same topic – the 1001st piece of content -...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 11 04 2017
    Find out if you have the correct skills needed to become a Digital Marketer

      The Internet has made life infinitely easier for us. Well, maybe not all of us. For, there are the marketing guys. Gone are the days when a good marketing and advertising plan was enough. Businesses, for sure, must serve up new, unique content to clients and consumers to remain...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 27 03 2017
    I got duped by a rogue client. Here’s how you can protect yourself from one

    This is a story I have been wanting to tell for the longest time. It’s an incident that occurred during the early days of starting up. I had just begun my content writing business and had started sinking my teeth into the hurly-burly of business, content deals, client payments, negotiation...

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    Researched content
    Posted by Justwords Team | 17 03 2017
    Good to great: How to create content that is better

    We strive to publish our blogs every Tuesday and Thursday of the week. I will admit here right away that sometimes this content scheduling doesn’t work out for us. That is mostly because I am unhappy with either the way a blog has been written, or the way in which...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 09 03 2017
    Want to learn content marketing? Take lessons from these 4 brands

    Somewhere between 2014-15 brands started recognizing the value of quality content. It not only helped brands put forward their messages subtly but eventually turned out as a tool to generating engaged customers. In 2016 brands are feverishly working with the knowledge that content is a great tool to reach out...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 08 03 2017
    Variety is the Spice of Life: An Array of Skills for Digital Marketing Specialists

    Gone are the days when good marketing and advertising plan was enough to see your business sail through even the most trying times.  Today, you cannot bank solely on a mere marketing strategy and a reasonable advertising budget to work as effectively or as easily as they would earlier do....

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    freelance writer
    Posted by Justwords Team | 21 02 2017
    The 10 mistakes your clients don’t want you to make as a freelance writer

    Unlike the yesteryears, freelance writing seems to be the “in thing”. Every person who has the time to write or thinks he or she can write has turned into a freelancer. And there is a reason for it. The market is awash with content work – and every brand (big...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 16 02 2017
    The Only 5 Ways You Need to Boost Creativity

    Have you ever felt stuck? Have you ever felt like you cannot, for the life of you, come up with an idea that works? Have you ever felt so hopeless that innumerable cups of freshly brewed coffee did precious little to pull you out of the rut? Whether or not...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 04 02 2017
    Find content proofreading boring: Here are 7 brilliant ways to get the job done

    Sitting down to write is one thing. Sending it across for consumption is another. And making sure that your copy is clean and error-free – that is the most important thing of all. For a good piece of writing that offers the impact it was designed to have, you should...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 25 01 2017
    25 Content Marketing Resolutions That Will Make 2017 A Great Year

    Well, hello 2017! It's the first month of the new year and we are at it again – making resolutions. I am not sure what exactly it is about the new year that pushes us into this fiercely resolution-making mode, but here is my guess – it's perhaps the hope...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 16 12 2016
    Google does not want these 13 mistakes in your content

      Google-friendly content is the most overused word in the industry today. As a content marketer, its one of the phrases I probably use every day – sometimes to push my team of writers to create better stuff, sometimes to the editors to make them understand what the client wants,...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 26 10 2016
    Want rocking social media posts? Try these 10 ideas

    One of the discussions I often have with my social media content writer is how to create social content that is sticky (which basically means creating content that is memorable) and contagious (which means more shareable). Is there any set way to produce interesting content, is there any process through which we...

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    Master Chef
    Posted by Justwords Team | 21 09 2016
    A Master Chef who has the perfect recipe for Content Marketing

    What would you say if I told you that one of the most celebrated faces of Indian cuisine is the one from whom you can pick up content marketing lessons? Food. Content. Marketing – mix the three ingredients in the right proportion to get a perfect marketing lesson.   Background...

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    Content isn't king kingdom
    Posted by Justwords Team | 02 08 2016
    5 easy ways to create great content, without wanting to break anyone’s head

    There are umpteen facts floating around about the power of content marketing. From improving search rankings to driving relevant traffic and leads, good content can be a game changer in the online competitor space. In its 2015 Benchmark Report, Hubspot found that companies with 400+ published posts get double the...

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    website copywriting
    Posted by Justwords Team | 17 06 2016
    13 actionable SEO and website copywriting tricks to get your content rocking

    Well let’s get this one fact straight. Most of us who are writing today are trying to get some benefits out of that writing. We either want to rank high on Google, or want loads of traffic from that content to our website. In short, everyone is trying to get...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 08 04 2016
    SEO, SEO, SEO, How do I master art thou?

    Heard enough about SEO and want to learn the basics to boost your website’s ranking on Google. Here are three basic ways to kickstart your SEO campaign. It is the most heard word of web. It has more than 30,0,00,000 results on Google. It can put the bravest of digital...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 08 04 2016
    Is it worth marketing on Facebook?

    Facebook Marketing – “To Be” Or “Not To Be” Facebook is one platform which has broken all the barriers of social representation, outlook & linkage; to become the ultimate source of connectivity. To add to that; Facebook has come up with the most unique & un-pestering ways to help businesses reach...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 08 04 2016
    Social media content tricks that work without fail

      Puzzled about what will work in the social world and how to shape your content marketing strategy, here are seven content trends that never die down. The world of Social Media. How do you ever get to tame it? How do you know what works there? How do you get...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 08 04 2016
    How content of your SEO articles can put difference in your SEO performance

    When it comes to search engine optimization, to write or not to write quality content is no longer a question! People are constantly trying to unravel the mystery of future search; what is it that will get a business prime space on the Search Engines. While the debate continues over...

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    Google Map
    Posted by Justwords Team | 08 04 2016
    Google Places For Business: A Listing You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

    It’s a mad, mad world, which becomes crazier if you are in competition with billions of businesses, craving for the attention of customers. This is the era of regular updates, smart work and customary brand building and interaction. Today, hundreds of millions of people all over the world use Google...

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    Engage your audience
    Posted by Justwords Team | 08 04 2016
    Engage Your Audience With The Right Dose Of Storytelling

      If you ask us “why storytelling”, we would like to explain to you “why not storytelling”. Let us tell you what a well-told story can give you for your business. You might have visited Connaught Place one of busiest the places in Delhi. Here you can see the densest...

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    Blog Content
    Posted by Justwords Team | 08 04 2016
    Adding some creativity to Google Business Photos

    It’s the day of the shoot. You have dressed up your workplace, primed up all the décor and now just waiting to project the ambience which you desire. But there is one thing missing. It’s called a little bit of “fun”. Google Business Photos since its inception has become a great...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 08 04 2016
    Are you building a brand? Then tell a story.

    Welcome to our first blog post. For the past three years that we have been doing business (we are a content agency), it never seemed to be the right time to start a blog – or so was the thought, even as we churned out blogs for other businesses. Well,...

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    hcode no-image
    Posted by Justwords Team | 06 01 2016
    10 Tips To Get Past The Writer’s Block

    Do you sometimes wish that you had a magical wand that could cast a self-writing spell on your computer screen? Well maybe you are suffering from a bloggers block; a temporary writing block suffered by bloggers. It’s just one of those times when everything except from the task at hand...

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    Viral marketing
    Posted by Justwords Team | 05 01 2016
    Start with these 7 tips to make your content go viral

    No, you don’t really need a content marketing agency to make your content go viral in its reach. Just pay attention to these simple tips and keep them in mind while churning out content. How does one measure the success of content marketing today? On the “Viral” yardstick of course!...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 05 01 2016
    A Fail-Proof 10 Step Guide to Good Content

    You get it! Content is extremely important for anything that has to remotely do with online marketing or its newer sibling content marketing. It’s the bait that the buyer is eventually going to bite! Yes you got it. And so you sit to write. That’s when you quickly realize, like many...

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    Posted by Justwords Team | 05 01 2016
    Tips to increase social engagement on your blog

    You may have thousands of readers visiting your blog, but if they aren’t commenting or sharing they aren’t intrigued enough! Participation of the reader is extremely crucial to a blog’s success. The lack of participation or action on the part of your audience belies the entire content marketing exercise. Social...

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    content freshness
    Posted by Justwords Team | 05 01 2016
    The freshness factor for a successful website

    That was the simple math of the difference between a website that is just occupying virtual space and a great website that invites traffic and spells success. Apparently, ‘fresh’ is not just the patent of the food industry anymore, it has spilt over into other areas as well, website content is one...

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    responsive vs unresponsive website
    Posted by Justwords Team | 05 01 2016
    Mobile Friendly vs Non Mobile Friendly : What’s the Difference?

    Oops, Google has done it again! It has brought about another mega revolution in internet affairs with its 21st April deadline of a major algorithm update. Simply translated, Google will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal for websites. This means its high time website owners pull...

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